God is answering our prayers

We just went to tuck Pierce in for the night and to hear the staff rotations follow up on him.God is working a miracle before our eyes and He is using your prayers!

Report: Pierce's pancreas has been working wonders all day. When we walked in this morning and his potassium was at 9.9, they were basically waiting for his heart to stop. They gave him a shot of calcium to protect his heart long enough for us to get there and hold him before he slipped away. Because his sugars were so low, they could not administer insulin (an attempt to shove the potassium down- not a cure, but just a fix). So,like we said earlier, at 630 this morning, we were told there was no more hope. While it was hard to hear the doctors say things like "there's nothing more we can do," and "now is the time for a miracle," we plead with God to save him. We asked him to supernaturally drive down the potassium levels. The doctors assured us that this would not happen. BUT we are writing this (some 17 hours later) to let you know that God has done what was medically impossible. The staff is speechless. They say things like "he's a fighter," and "we don't know why this is correcting itself, but it appears to be," but we know that this is God answering our prayers! God is doing this to prove to everyone watching that with Him, nothing is impossible. The neonatalogist who said goodbye to us this morning (he's the one who came to our room to tell us that it was time to come hold him), called this evening to basically see what time Pierce passed. AND he was shocked when the nurse practitioner told him that not only is he surviving, he is pretty stable (relatively speaking, of course)! He is stabilizing his electrolytes and they honestly haven't given him any type of medicine to explain this. His potassium has fallen to 6.5!!!!!!!!!! There is no medical explanation for this. Thanks be to God for sustaining our sweet boy tonight. We are still asking for God to give us great leaps tonight. We need to see progress. We need rest. Pray that we get both. And please do not cease praying on our behalf!

PS! Our next goal is to celebrate Pierce's 5 day birthday! That will happen at 742 tomorrow night. Everyone mark your calendars and have a celebration. We trust that God is going to keep him going!


  1. Absolutely amazing.


    God is good!


  2. Hello, my name is Lesley. I found your blog through a 'friend of a friend of a friend' type of deal. I'm so thankful that God led me here. I have been praying for your family all day! I shared this with my own family and posted your blog on my facebook page asking for prayers! I am so thankful to God to hear the good reports! I pray they will continue.

    Dear Lord, Please bless this sweet little baby boy. Hold him in your arms. Strengthen him. Work wonders in his tiny, precious, little body. Comfort his family. Bring peace to their hearts, please Lord. Give them rest, please Lord. Be glorified in this! In Your Holy Name I pray and ask these things, Amen.

    Exodus 14:14, "The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still."

    In Christ's Love,
    Lesley G.

  3. "...GOD HAS DONE WHAT WAS MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. The staff is speechless. They say things like "HE'S A FIGHTER," and "WE DON'T KNOW WHY THIS IS CORRECTING ITSELF, BUT IT APPEARS TO BE," but we know that this is God ANSWERING our prayers! God is doing this to prove to everyone watching that with Him, nothing is impossible..."

    WoW! My favorite words to read! Pierce has deffinately been a Bible story for everyone connected in some way or another these past 4 days. The world needed a baby like Pierce to show it that the Lord of all is still here and with us and loves us! Pierce and family, I give you thanks for opening the eyes of so many right now, in a world that can almost feel like we are on our own.. its when we stop, gather together, pray, and watch what amazing miricals God is using to help baby Pierce. You are a little soldier Pierce... Lindsay and Nik.. I pray you get rest tonight... that the Lord comfort your dreams and you sleep deep and soundly knowing the angels of the Lord will be keeping baby Pierce. Find rest in him tonight, my husband and family are praying for you guys. Hang in there, you are all being an amazing light (a beacon in the night) for everyone to see right now.

    God Bless!!
    Jessica Rogers

  4. Wonderful, wonderful news!
    Praise God!!!!!