happy birthday pierce!

Here is a picture from tonight's celebration. He seemed to be cooperating for his nurse Laura tonight. Pray that he continues to have a good day/night. And thanks for sharing our joy in this milestone.

May God be glorified through this!

The Franks

PS- Our amazing nurse Laura made us a gift to help in the celebration. She and Pierce made us a gift- his footprints :)


  1. best picture ever! you guys look fantastic.

  2. Our family is praying for you. We delivered a 1 pound 3 ounce baby girl in December of 2004. May the Lord give you strength and touch little Pierce's body in a miraculous way.

  3. You've been in my thoughts and prayers since I've found your blog. You three make a beautiful family :)

  4. Happy birthday Pierce! I just went to my small group tonight and all the members of my group have been praying and keeping up with your blog. Some have even been sent your blog through other friends. It's awesome how many people are praying!

  5. love love this!!!!! Congrats on the week milestone!!!!! Praying continiously for you all!!!
    kimmy :)

  6. I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I had my Son at 24 weeks too, though he weighed 3lbs. He's almost 22 now and he's 6'5" and healthy as can be. I know seeing your tiny baby laying there is so hard to see, hang in there! Congrat's!