Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were leaving the NICU with our 4 month old. Now, he's hit 8 months! He's weighing in around 15 1/2lbs (which while big only means that he now has to get 2 synagsis injections instead of one) and is able to come off o2 for a good portion of the day. Still eating well. Still sleeping well. Praise be to God!

Not much to update on tonight, but know that Pierce is doing well. We're learning to enjoy our time at home. I always tend to take these milestones as time to celebrate and reflect on how far God has brought us. Honestly, not one hour passed today where I didn't at some point stop and thank God for rescuing Pierce from what was deemed as "certain death." I remember the bittersweet moment when I first held him, and how I knew that the only reason I was holding my little, 1 lb 5oz baby was because all signs indicated that death was close. I remember how I prayed, begged and asked God to grant us more days with our son. And now, here we are...8 months later. How truly blessed we are to have him here with us!

Last week, Pierce had his first couple of virtual playdates. It was so fun! One of them was with Noah, another micropreemie in the Charlotte area. Like Pierce, Noah could also use your continued prayers...you can read his story here. Although Pierce loves seeing his friends on the computer screen (really, he told me he does!), these virtual playdates have been SO good for me. It's so nice to have contact with the outside world. (Remember, we'd love to chat with our followers anytime!)

Here are a few pictures I snapped in honor of his 8 month "birthday."
And now, a ridiculously long video of our guy playing with Nik in his crib. This is for all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and whoever else feels the desire to watch a baby play and babble and laugh :)


  1. He is getting so big and chubby - not micro-preemie-ish at all! The part about you holding him for the first time gave me chills. I can't imagine the dichotomy of that moment for you. We didn't hold either of our twins for a month. I so longed to hold them, but I should have been counting my blessings that they were not deemed close to death and therefore, we were not allowed to hold them. Pierce definitely had the hand of God on him. Amazing! Glad to hear he is doing so well.

  2. He's doing awesome! So stinkin' cute, too!