The Battle for Today

We just got word from the nurses about Pierce's condition. They are concerned about his white blood cell count, as it is low. This could signify an infection and/or that the grade 2 brain bleed has gotten worse. They are going to give him an antibiotic, however, the side effect of the antibiotic is that it can damage his kidneys, which are already in questionable condition. Continue to pray for all of Pierce's body, but today pray for his kidneys, brain, heart, and that he would not have or get an infection.

Grace and Peace,

Nik, Lindsay, and Pierce.


  1. It's hard for me to even believe that Lindsay is old enough to have a baby! It seems like just yesterday she was babysitting all the brookwood kids! I'm praying like a mad woman for you all! I pray that God shows up BIG (as he already has!)

  2. Thank you for these updates on how we can specifically pray each day for your precious son. Praying and praying to our Father for His beloved Pierce ... and continuing to ask for mighty miracles. In Christ, L Musgrove and fam