His mercies are new every morning...

Nik and I were able to get a few winks tonight. Before drifting off, we said goodnight to Pierce and really just prayed/trusted that God was going to stabilize his levels. It's hard as a mother to not obsess about every little number (at this point, they're all bad because his organs are so underdeveloped) and to lose sight of who it is that is sustaining Pierce. But we went to bed, and God granted us assurance that He was going to grant our request for sleep. And He did. We just checked in on the baby and he is doing better! His levels are slowly creeping down and we have confidence that this is God's hand at work. The neonatal team have been in a holding pattern, unable to really do any kind of intervention (they explained that every level was so out of whack that they couldn't probably treat one without terribly affecting another). But we are so relieved and find that God is answering our prayers for a quiet night.
Our prayer for the day (sometimes these requests will change on a hourly basis), is that God continues to allow Pierce to take a few small steps forward. Today will be a very, very difficult day for us as I will most likely be discharged. I'm so dreading the moment we have to step out of this hospital and leave him, but again, God is gracious. He has proved to us, over and over again that He is holding/protecting our baby. Our need is that you be in fervent prayer today for us and Pierce.
Also, I know many of you have asked to visit and while we so appreciate the caring, familiar faces and we hope to see and visit with many of you in time, we just ask for privacy today while we try to absorb and process what is going on. We truly feel so loved by so many and God is using every one of you and your encouraging words to lift us up. Please keep the encouragement coming! And know that it feeds our souls.
Thank you for loving on us. And thank you for lifting Pierce up in prayer. It is our heart's desire that through our pain, God will be glorified. Cling to him. And let our story serve as a reminder that NOTHING in life is certain. Nothing is in your control. All we have in this life is the hope of the Gospel.

We will keep you posted!


  1. All our children are praying for you, even Katie, our 3 year old. I give glory to God with the birth of Peirce, we know even in his great weakness he is glorifying God!
    Thank you SO much for your updates, we know exactly what to be praying for.
    You have so many people that care about!

  2. Prayers abound that God's mercy, grace and peace shower you all today and that your continued trust in His sovereign will grow stronger and stronger. Pierce, YOU ARE LOVED!!!

  3. Sending an 'amen' to your statement that the only hope we have in this life is the Gospel ... and what a beautiful hope He is. Praying for you and your husband today as you are discharged, and of course, praying and praying for sweet Pierce. A sister in Christ in Athens, GA, L Musgrove and fam

  4. Praise God that your little one is in His hands, and that we can rest on His loving kindness! We continue to follow all of Pierce's trials and triumphs; we love you three!

  5. Lindsay, I am praying for you especially today! I am praying for comfort and peace for you after you are discharged. I will never forget the day I left the hospital without Tad. Lean on your sweet husband and your praying friends. We are here for you. Love you! April Roberts