Next hurdle: the PDA

Nik and I were able to stay home last night(yeah!) as Pierce had a great night/morning. We were called in today to meet with the Dr to discuss what we should do about the PDA (open duct near his heart/lungs). Here is the report: the Drs. had hoped to be able to administer a medicine to close the PDA, but Pierce has not proven to be a candidate. At this point in the game, they feel it's best to do something as opposed to just leaving it open. In more or less words, they need to act in order for him to get better. That being said, our only option is PDA surgery. We are waiting to go in and meet with the pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon (we are so thankful to be at a hospital that offers such highly trained, specialized doctors) and will let you all know what he says. We know at this point that Pierce's surgery will be sometime tomorrow, that it will take about 30 minutes (the actual surgery) and that it is likely to cause him to get sicker (it's kind of like a catch-22...he has to get sicker in order to get better and that there is a long list of risks involved (including death). It's hard to make this decision when he is seemingly stable... kind of like a "why rock the boat?" mentality, but we are trusting that God is guiding the doctors and that this is the best choice for our son. Please be in prayer as we meet with the surgeon. Both Nik and I have a peace that this is the best option and we are trusting that God will continue to sustain Pierce's life. Pray that Pierce will not develop an infection (main risk in the surgery) and that his immature lungs will be able to tolerate this procedure. We will be updating later tonight as we know more details.

As we met with Dr.Keuser today (same Dr. who woke us up on day 4 when Pierce's potassium levels were so high), he did mention that most 23-weekers die within the first week and that perhaps "God has a bigger plan for Pierce's life." We know that this is true as we have seen His hand demonstrated throughout these last 12 days. While the doctor was very quick to inform us that Pierce is by no means "out of the woods," we are rejoicing in how far He has carried us and trusting that He will bring our son through these trials and raise him up to be a healthy, strong man one day.

Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. I glade to see your update. I was getting a little worried. I am happy that he is doing well today. And that you and Nik were able to go home for some rest. We will contiune to pray for Pierce.

    Love Dian

  2. Thanks for the update. I'm praying for wisdom and peace to both you and the doctors operating as well. Your faith through this has been a vivid and stalwart thing to behold, our God is incredible.


  3. Heard part of your son's story at CBS last week. You have remained on my heart and in my prayers.

  4. Hey guys
    I know you don't know me but my community group and I are praying for you and Pierce. We had our daughter at 26 weeks and she had to have a PDA ligation. I know it's a hard decision. We are praying for little Pierce and for the Doctors wisdom. My daughters PDA ligation was hard going but the operation went well for her and helped her get better in the long run.

    Thinking and praying


  5. Continuing to pray! The PDA ligation is one of those necessary steps, but still very hard and scary. You have such a fighter on your hands though and have made it SO far!

  6. Keeping ALL of you in my prayers! Just know that whatever happens will be God's Will.

  7. God will sustain him and you guys!! Hang in there tomorrow might be a little bumpy but know God is an excelent driver ;).. Much love and prayers headed your way tonight and tomorrow morning!!

    Jessica and Victor Garces and Gwen, Bryson, and Jennifer Rogers