oh Saturday ...you are not our friend

Every Saturday since we entered the hospital, Pierce has had terrible days. The first Saturday, we had the potassium scare. The second, an infection. And now the third, and it appears Pierce is making a late-entry into the "sicker phase" that we were warned about. He had us all fooled! Please pray for us as this is very disheartening and so extremely difficult to watch, especially when we thought we had escaped this trial. The Drs. had weaned down P's pain medicine because he was doing so well and now it is becoming clear that he is in pain. As a mother, this is heartbreaking. Please pray that his nurse, Rachel and his nurse practitioner, Mandy can get him stabilized so that he can just rest and recover. Pray for his lungs, which were pretty bad according to a scan this morning. Also pray for Pierce's belly. Because he is so sick today, they stopped feeding him. There was/is also some concern about the discoloration of his belly. However, a scan this morning didn't reveal a problem (which is good!). Nonetheless, they want to play it safe and give his body time to recover from surgery. Needless to say it does appear that Pierce continues to write his book, I just wish today's chapter would've been a little better. But we trust that God is still at work and that He will see all three of us through this crisis. Please join us in praying for healing for Pierce.

Much love,
Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. aaww Lindsay and Nik I am sorry! :( I will be praying for him to be comforted and continue to get better and not any worse and for you guys as the parents to be OK through this... it is so hard to see our children in pain and discomforted. :( love you guys!!!

  2. You are on my heart. My daughter had multiples (triplets) that were also born early, although not as early as your little guy. Twenty three weeks is very early, but as you have witnessed, Pierce is wonderfully woven and His creator can do miracles yet today! Praying for you, his sweet nurses who are amazing I know, and those treating him.


  3. Really sorry to hear this. He is a very fragile under developed baby who has already been thru so much. Hang in there, this is the rollercoaster ride with ups and downs. Praying for him and you guys.

  4. Hang in there. I was hoping there would be no more bumps in the road, but Little Guy has made it this far, and with God watching over him, he will get through this. The three of you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. The nice thing about Saturdays is that Sunday comes right after.