how you can pray

Pierce was snoozing away today when we went in to visit.

It was, again, a quiet day in the NICU. I am so grateful for that, although it can be frustrating to feel like you made absolutely no progress in a day. But, we will take little to no progress over backsliding. Pierce is still stable, and still on the same vent settings. We continue to pray that he will be able to come off by Friday. We are also praying as Pierce will likely start having "milkshakes" soon. Basically, he will have a fortifier added to the breastmilk to add in the extra nutrients that his little body would have received had he been born full-term. Please pray that this goes well as many babies can have a hard time digesting cow's milk products. Also continue to pray for protection against the devastating disease NEC, which is a constant threat to Pierce. Other than those changes, everything else is the same. His temporary shunt is working wonderfully and they have been able to go to tapping it every other day as opposed to every day. Hopefully, after the follow-up brain scan on Monday, they can go to every three days. The less they have to poke him, the better!

In addition to the requests for Pierce, you can pray for us. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we try to sort through our options for work, school and finances. Everything in our lives has literally been on hold since Pierce's unexpected arrival, and it is only now, some 6 weeks later, that we are beginning to pick up where we left off and try to figure out some sort of routine. It can be hard, because if there's anything this experience has shown us, it's that you cannot plan too far ahead! There are still so many unknowns about Pierce's situation, but we are trusting that God will grant us wisdom and discernment to make the best choices for our family.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.



  1. WOW! he is deffinitly getting bigger! I am glad that hear that he is doing well. You guys are constantly in my prayers and on my mind

  2. he is looking more handsome everyday!! :)
    continuing prays for all 3!! :)

  3. Stephanie JohnsonMay 26, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    He is so much bigger!! Praying that you'll have wisdom about life decisions. We are so thankful for how the Lord has gently led your family through this process and we're praying that you'll have peace as He continues to do that. Love you guys!

  4. he's looking great! a mighty fine baby. :)

  5. I dont know you or your family but your story has been on my heart since a friend of a friend shared it on their facebook. I have prayed fervently for Pierce and peace and understanding for you and your family. I admire your strength. Your story has really opened my eyes and ministered to me in a a way only God can. I just wanted you to know how much influence you are having and how much Pierce is helping others in their walk with God. Your son is so special to me and I wont ever meet him, that is how powerful he is. He will change the world. He has already changed me.