eye exam results

Pierce is 64 days old and is weighing in at 1528 grams (3lbs 6 oz). He is growing like a weed!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that he is now starting to fill out his preemie outfits. And pretty soon, he will likely be moving from his heated condo (aka incubator) to a big boy bed (bassinet).

We were finally able to get Pierce's eye exam results and it appears that his ROP has progressed. It is now at a stage 2 in both eyes, which is still considered mild. However, his exam was concerning to the eye dr. since it seems that his ROP is progressing very fast. At this point, the ROP could do one of three things: 1)stabilize and not progress beyond this point, 2) begin to slow in progression or 3) continue to progress as rapidly as it has and thus require laser surgery soon. We, of course, are praying that next weeks eye exam (scheduled for next Tuesday), will not reveal any further progression and that lil' man can avoid eye surgery. We know that our God can, if He desires, supernaturally heal Pierce's eyes. Please join us in praying for a miraculous and total healing in his eyes and that surgery will not be required.

Also, be praying for his upcoming brain scan (next Monday). This will be the true test to see if Pierce will require a permanent shunt. We are so praying and hoping that the ventricles will remain stable in size and that Pierce will not require a shunt.

And one last thing to add to the list- pray for Pierce's body to kick in and to start making red blood cells on it's own. Tomorrow morning they will be checking his hemoglobin level and deciding on whether or not to transfuse.

Pray also for Nik and I. Some days are easier than others. We have been SO grateful that God has granted us more quiet days and that Pierce is doing so well. However, it's hard to reflect on the many bad days we have had and not worry about the possibility of having more bad days ahead. Please pray that God continues to grant us peace as we walk this journey. As always, we are praying that our lives as well as Pierce's, will reflect Christ and demonstrate our total dependence on Him.

Much love,


  1. I will be praying for Pierce's eyes, head scan, red blood cells, and his overall being as well as for you guys. I know how hard it is to go through the NICU journey, and my heart goes out to you. We are almost a year out of the NICU and I still find myself reflecting on the bad days, but the good days are so much more frequent. I will be praying for you all. The song "Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson gave me great hope and peace when my babies were in the NICU especially the line, "the pain that you've been feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming." Prayers are coming your way.

  2. he sure is growing like a weed!! 6 oz bigger than just a few days ago!! woo hoo GO PIERCE!!! I will be praying for all your concerns and overall well being of all 3 of you!!! much love to you all!!!!

  3. We will be praying for all of his little parts to heal, and that God will continue to give his comfort and peace.

  4. Hi my dear sweet girl. All seems to be going well - GOD IS SO WONDERFUL.
    We are so lucky to have people we don't know praying for our dear little one. PRAYER is so powerful and that HE loves us all so much.
    I miss you so much. As always, Kathy