Moving on up this Father's Day

It's hard to believe that I am a father today. I am still a little dazed from everything that has happened over the last ten weeks. Nevertheless, I am grateful to God that by His shear grace He has brought Pierce this far and it looks like he will have a chance to live life barring anything unforeseen. But really, that is the prognosis for everyone on the planet, so he is doing real well as far as I'm concerned.

We have been busy lately and will have more time this week to give more frequent update, but know that Pierce is doing well. Pierce did move to the progressive care unit on Friday morning. This is a step-down nursery that prepares the babies for going home. Pierce has done well there and has completely downed two full bottles since he has been there. To graduate, the babies have to take eight bottles a day. Pierce is only attempting take one a day right now and then he will move up to two, then three, etc. To take a full bottle at his stage is really good and if Pierce continues to do well he could possibly be home in five weeks. Today Pierce made another big step up; he is no longer in the isolate but has moved to a bassinet. Pierce has been overheating in his plastic womb, so it was time to move out.

We will take and posts some pics of Pierce's new home and bed soon. In the meantime, please continue to pray for Pierce's eyes. Pray that the ROP will stabilize and reverse itself. I have been praying that at the next eye exam that the ROP will be completely gone. Also, he is having another ultrasound on his brain tomorrow. Pray that the ventricles have stabilized and that they will be able to continue without having to tap his VAD. If tomorrow's ultrasound looks good, Pierce's chances of not needing a shunt will be good.

We love and thank you all for you support and prayers in this.

Grace and peace,

Nik, Lindsay, and Pierce


  1. so amazing!! Happy Father's Day Nik!! You are one fabulous dad!!! :) It is so amazing to know Pierce no longer qualifies to be in the NICU and that he was over heating in his isolate! AWESOME!! He is such a strong baby!!! I will continue praying of course!! :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! God sure is an amazing God!! :)

  2. Thank you for the updates! Congratulations on being a great father to such a special boy!