Oh Pierce, you always have to be different

I just got a phone call from the eye dr's nurse. She prefaced the results by saying, "His eye exam was a little unusual." To which I responded by thinking, "Yeah, tell me something I don't know." It seems our guy is never following the "rules" or pattern for something. I wonder what he will be like when he's 16?!

Anyways, here are the results: Pierce does have ROP. Fortunately it is only a stage 1 in his left eye and a stage 1/2 (2 was questionable) in his right eye. Fortunately they are in zone 2. What that means, for all you who are like me and don't know anything about this disease, is that Pierce will need to be monitored closely (weekly eye exams) to see if/how fast his ROP progresses. Stages 1-3 typically correct themselves on their own without laser surgery. The unusual factor is that most babies don't show signs of ROP upon the first exam. Since it is early and Pierce has already developed ROP, they are putting him in the high-risk category (he seems to fall in this category for EVERYTHING) for developing stage 3/4 at some point. At this point, we will just have to wait and see how this plays out. And if there's one thing I've learned, it's that we simply cannot predict how Pierce will do (he's got quite the reputation for throwing curve balls). Please be praying that his ROP will not progress to the point of needing surgery and that his eyes will correct themselves.

On a positive note, Pierce tolerated the eye exam wonderfully. His oxygen was turned up during the procedure (precautionary), but he was able to be lowered to 21% o2 right after the exam. Still going strong on the cannula! Praising God for the healing he has already granted Pierce and trusting in Him to heal his eyes completely.



  1. The "wait and see" is just the worst part of the NICU experience. I'll be praying for Pierce's eyes as well as his overall health.

  2. oh gosh how i remember those. after ryan finally got to come home, i think it was once a week for SEVERAL months we had to go see the eye doc to keep a check on the ROP....then it went to once a month, then a "here and there" check, then finally cleared at his one year birthday. for whatever reason, ROP is a process. right now, Ryan is scheduled to be down at Levine's for an MRI - long story, has to do with tight muscles and walking on his tippy toes- on the 21st of june (it could be moved up if they can work us in). I would love to try to connect with you and sit and pray with you and also let you see how fabulous a 2 year old who had a grade 3 brain bleed is! :-) Please feel free to email me at amycw@windstream.net

  3. Our Carson had moderate ROP and it all corrected itself. He wears glasses now but besides that his eyes are just fine. We'll be praying for the ROP not to progress any and for peaceful days! Those micro-preemies seem to have little minds of their own, it just means they are determined and feisty. Two excellent qualities for survivors :)

  4. Sarah from PortalesJune 8, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    Lindsay, I haven't written before, but I had to tell you! My daughter who turned 14 today has always had to be different also! She was born only 6 weeks early and in NICU for the next 3 weeks, and then has gone on to be diagnosed with a couple of rare disorders!! She has stumped her drs. time and time again because she has never presented the way she "should" when something has gone on! The drs. always say "Well, she's Caitlyn!!" :-) She has been a fighter since the beginning, it's a great quality to have!!! Praying for you all always!

  5. Hi Lindsay, I have been following your post since day 1 about Pierce. I too had a premature baby not quite as premature as Pierce (27 weeks)so I can semi sympathies with the emotional roller coaster you are going through. My son Dominic also had ROP which they picked up on his first eye examine and after many eye doctors appointments he ended up having to have the laser eye surgery, which was terrifying to me, but all things worked out well in the end. I am so happy to see how well Pierce is doing. I know this stage in the game things are not easy and with preemie's there is always such a number of things that you will walk through. Hang in there...God is good!

  6. Hey - ryan's MRI has been moved to monday the 13th....we'll be on 3rd floor i believe - we check in at 11:00 and will be there for several hours.....if you're there about that time and want to chat email me and we can hash out specifics...amycw@windstream.net