play time

By God's grace, we have no new issues on the table at this time. Pierce is being referred to as a "feeder" and a "grower" in the NICU since that's literally all he needs to do at this point. We are not taking one second forgranted and are loving our "play" time with Pierce.

Here are some pictures from our recent activities.

Daddy got to bathe Pierce for the first time last night. As you can see, he wasn't thrilled.

That's ok, because after he was clean, Laura stuck the suction tubing in his bath to create fun bubbles! Pierce REALLY enjoyed his first jacuzzi-style bubble bath!

After he was dressed, he was finally able to sneak some snuggle time with one of his favorite nurses, Laura.

And he, of course, reconnected with Daddy. We missed Nik while he was gone last week! I honestly think Pierce is also glad because now Mommy and Nana can't dress him up and put girly pink lotion all over him (he's happy to have the extra testosterone around!)

So cozy on Daddy's chest.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue praying for Pierce to grow strong and healthy. Also pray for his upcoming eye exam. The one this week will shed a lot of light (no pun intended) into how fast P's ROP is progressing.



  1. He is absolutely precious! I'm so happy that you are now able to have a little "play time" with Pierce. I'll be praying for a good eye exam this week.

  2. aw, what a miracle! i've been reading since day one. he sure is getting some chubs on his cheeks! yay!!