look how far we've come...

Remember the pen picture? You know, the one where Pierce was almost the size of a ballpoint pen? In case you don't, or missed it, here it is:

Well, in the past 11.5 weeks, our little guy sure has grown. Take a look at him next to the same pen now!

He's huge!

Tonight Pierce weighed in at...drum roll please... a whopping 5lbs 1oz! Here is our proof:

We had a pretty good feeling he'd break the 5lb mark tonight, so we had the camera rolling. Enjoy!

Pierce is doing so well. He is up to 4 bottles a day (he takes a bottle every other feeding). He looks and acts like a healthy, full term baby (minus the occasional brady and desat every now and then). Nik and I have been so thankful to the Lord for this miraculous turn of events.

Early in Pierce's life, Nik posted something that I continue to be reminded of almost everyday. He said, "Please pray. Jesus can sustain him and know that if Pierce lives it is because the Lord has rescued him. Know this, that we are going to praise God in Christ regardless of the outcome. If Pierce lives, he is the Lord's. If he dies, he will be with the Lord. DO NOT give up praying for Pierce! God is able to sustain him." This was written on the 4th day of Pierce's life, the morning we were called in to hold him because we were told he would not make it much longer. I remember the doctor telling us that anything past that point would be a miracle. We prayed and pleaded. You prayed alongside of us. And we felt everyone's love and support. We knew that God would be glorified either way, but we never stopped praying for healing. I don't ever want to forget that place we were in- so broken, humble, totally dependent on God. So tonight, as I tucked Pierce in for the night, I thanked God. I thanked him for granting us the opportunity to witness His power and might through someone so tiny. I thanked him for rescue Pierce from what was declared as "certain and imminent death." And I thanked God for how he has used Pierce to impact so many of you. Isn't it crazy how God takes something so small, so fragile and raises it up to glorify Himself?

Please take a moment to rejoice with us in God's goodness tonight.

Much love,

PS- Pierce has another brain scan tomorrow. Please pray that it shows that the ventricles are continuing to grow smaller. Also, another ROP eye exam will be done on Wednesday.


  1. I seem daily to forget what God has done in the broken moments of my life, and how much He was broken, wounded for our transgressions. How i spurn it. I am humbled by your reminder of God's perfect grace in your lives and mine. Thank you. I love you three. Lynn

  2. GOD IS AMAZING!!!! its so great to see how far Pierce has come! i love getting on here and watching his growth and im continuing to pray for his homecoming! YAY PIERCE!!!

  3. What a blessing!!! I have been following your blog ever since the day Pierce was born. We have been praying and New Life Community Church has been praying. My dad has been giving them updates. I am totally blown away by this precious miracle that God has performed. I remember weeping over the words "certain and imminent death" on day 4 and now look what the Lord has done! Pierce has already brought so much glory to God's name in his 11.5 weeks and I can't wait to see what the Lord will do through him for the rest of his life. We love you, we are rejoicing with you, and we will continue to pray. If you ever come to Asheville, we would love to meet Pierce and I know that the people of New Life would love to meet him too. Love you guys!
    Lindsey and Casey Mills

  4. What fantastic news and progress. God is indeed great and good and full of mercy. I recognized the size as soon as I saw the picture. I took one home who weighed 4 lb 14 oz at discharge. Looking back on it I'm kind of shocked that they did that.

  5. Wow--Just six more ounces and he'll be as big as our Elise was when she was born at 41 weeks and a day!

  6. praising God for the miracle of little Pierce - the video just brought tears to my eyes! My, how God has sustained this precious little boy - He has great things in store for your little guy. Can't wait to them unfold.

  7. i remember that first picture and now the new one! wow!! such a miracle! God has big plans for him!

  8. So happy for you guys! Incredibly exciting!