Still Journeying On...

While we have come so far, there is still so far to go. We cannot thank everyone enough for their support throughout this whole thing. I call it a "thing" because I am just not sure if one label covers what's happening. This time has been a blessing and a curse, a trial and a grace all at the same time. What has happened over the last few months will leave an indelible mark on our lives. And like everything in life, how we respond to it will make us better or worse people.

Pierce is doing better today and we are still praying that he can come home on or before his original due date of August 4th. Pierce is stable, but stable is a relative term. Just because Pierce is bigger does not mean he is on the same level vitality wise as a baby his size that was born at full gestation. Even in the preemie world, 23-25 weekers are in a whole different category from those that are born at 27-30 weeks and even further from 31-40 weekers. The lungs aren't even fully developed at 23 weeks. That means that for the first 2-3 years of Pierce's life, RSV, which is a virus that causes the common cold in adults, can kill him. From Oct-April he will literally have to be quarantined. Just from the "minor" set backs of the past week, Pierce has had several spells where he turned blue and his heart rate dropped into the 30's.

So, the journey is long and is far from over. In addition to the above concerns, only time will tell if Pierce has incurred Cerebral Palsy. I say all this to put things into perspective. Nevertheless though, we have great confidence in our God. Look at what he has done so far! Pierce isn't suppose to be here. Just this week, several medical professionals told us that they have never seen anyone survive that had a potassium of 9 or higher; Pierce's was 10.3 for some time with no hope of reversing itself. Yesterday, we told an NNP that the neurosurgeon has said that Pierce will likely not need a shunt and she couldn't believe it. It is unheard of for babies with a grade IV brain bleed to not need a shunt.

Let's keep moving forward and let's keep witnessing God display His glory to LCH and the world. That is what He is doing. I recently heard the statement, "Trying to prove God exists is like trying to defend a lion. It's unnecessary, just open up the cage." We cut ourselves off from the very meaning of life when we say God doesn't exists or that He is impotent to save.

I ask you to continue to pray. Pray that Pierce would not need eye surgery, that his brain would fully heal, that he would not develop Cerebral palsy, that his lungs will grow strong, and that he would not incur any infections. Due to Pierce's prognosis, Lindsay will not be working in order to stay home with him. I, Nik, am looking for a stable job to provide for my family. We are praying that God would open up a ministry position that will have the most impact for His Kingdom.

Thank you's: I haven't been posting much lately, but I wanted to quickly get thanks to some people that have really blown us away through their care and generosity. The RTS women's cabinet led by Nicole Chitty and Teresa Simons began all the fundraising stuff and we cannot thank them enough. Our friends Christy, Brandy, Sarah, and Ashlyn have done so so much for us; you have blown us away. Ashlyn is also the one that organized the food program. Our dear friends Kevin and Michelle w/family spent two weekends holding a yard sale on our behalf. Dozens of comic book collectors/dealers that are members with me in an online forum donated thousands of dollars worth of comic books to be sold for us. I had never even spoken to some of these people prior to all this. Lastly, just this past week Good Shepherd Church here in Charlotte chose us to be the recipients in their annual Friends of Timothy golf tournament that will be held on Columbus Day. More info is coming on that, but I cannot tell you how Good Shepherd has demonstrated the love of Christ to us since day one. Sorry for another long post, but I had to thank some people. We love you all.

With hands lifted and open,

Nik, Lindsay, and Pierce Franks


  1. i love seeing how God is working in your lives through Pierce. You will emerge on the other side stronger and more determined to live a life purposed for God. I pray that Pierce is on the road to becoming everything that God intends for him to be. A mighty and powerful man of God with a testimony of His goodness!

  2. As I was praying for your beautiful family/your precious baby Pierce, a little bit ago, the chorus to a song entitled, He'll Do It Again, came to mind. After looking up the verses, I was hesitant in sharing because I'm certain that you know God has not forgotten you, that you know He is going to take care of you (Pierce) and that He will not fail you. Your faith has touched so many lives. We've witnessed your trust in God and how He has always come through for you. I believe with you that God is going to complete the work that He has begun in Pierce's life! Philippians 1:6 says: Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. HE IS GOING TO TOUCH PIERCE AGAIN! Please know you continue to be in our prayers. With Much Love! Teresa Winhusen

    You may be down and feel like God
    Has somehow forgotten
    That you are faced with circumstances
    You can't get through
    Right now it seems that there's no way out
    And you're going under
    God's proven time and time again
    He'll take care of you

    And He'll do it again
    He'll do it again
    If you'll just take a look
    At where you are now
    And where you've been
    Well hasn't He always come through for you
    He's the same now as then

    You may not know how
    You may not know when
    But He'll do it again

    God knows the things you're going through
    And He knows how you're hurting
    You see he knows just how you're heart
    Has been broken in two
    He's the God of the stars, of the sun and the sea
    And He is your Father
    You see He can calm the storm
    And He'll find some way to fix it for you


    He's still God and He will not fail you
    He's still God and He will not change
    Know that He's God and He's fighting for you
    Just like Moses, just like Daniel, just like Shadrach and Meshach, Abednego


  3. I recently started following your blog. I too have a micro preemie whose due date was August 4. She was born on April 18 at 24 weeks and 4 days. Pierce is a beautiful baby boy and I will keep him in my prayers. The strength you all have displayed is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.