a note about RSV season and visitors

October 1st marked official "quarantine" for Pierce Franks as well as MANY other micropreemies around the country. For those of you who don't know what RSV is- it's basically a cold virus that can cause pneumonia or even death in babies with Chronic Lung Disease. So to say it's important to shield these micropreemies from germs is a major understatement. Since Pierce was released from the hospital, our drs gave us the orders to have no visitors except immediate family. So, October 1st didn't really change much for us. It just meant that I am EAGERLY anticipating the end of cold/flu season in April so that we can bust out of this joint and show Pierce off to the world. I wonder what he'll think when he's allowed out of his bubble? Will he be scared? Will he be excited? It will be fun to watch indeed.

I've battled various feelings (anger, frustration, fear, grief) for awhile now. Before Pierce was born early, I was planning on taking him to work with me (I was a nanny for 2 adorable girls and the plan was for him to tag along to all our activities). I never in a million years, thought that I'd be sitting with a medically fragile child in my house for 8 months straight! Seriously. No visitors? No trips out? We were warned, told stories and know that RSV could easily kill Pierce. Now does this mean I sit around in fear all day? By no means. It just means we have to play it safe (really, really safe) for awhile until Pierce's lungs have time to heal and recover. So for now, we are forced to get creative with germ-free ways to stay in touch with all those we love. I ask that you be patient with us and understand that we are only doing what's best for P.

Anyways, my dear friend and fellow micropreemie momma, Jessi, wrote this blog about surviving the long and depressing period of isolation. I thought you all might enjoy reading as Jessi is a terrific writer and so eloquently dictates the basics of RSV isolation. Hopefully it will shed some light into our lives as we struggle to raise these little miracles.

With Love,


  1. Great info for us who just don't know :) i love you guys and i hope you are doing well!! you could always look online at some webcams... like I know isle of palms use to have a webcam and myrtle beach does & montreat use to! you can go to it and it can be like youre at the beach! :) ill be praying for you guys during this time...

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