Attn: all parents of kids using equipment, this post is for you! 

If you're like me, you've had more than one occasion where your home supply company has given you a pretty decent headache while you're attempting to order the correct supplies for your child. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this amazing company that will go above and beyond in ensuring that parents get the right supplies for their children.

Background story: I heard about Neotech from the Graham's Foundation website. After seeing their products, I wrote Neotech and asked for a few samples. I also asked them if I could potentially buy some in the event that I liked them. They immediately responded and graciously sent me more than enough samples to last for a while (and let's just say they were much more generous than the supply company). They were so gracious and stated that they'd be more than willing to send extras if needed. The best of all, they didn't even charge for them!

In conversing with Neotech, they've made it clear that they love to help families in need and would enjoy working directly with the families to allow you to use their products. For preemies on o2- they make the best cannula holders. We've been using them instead of the Tender Grips and like them so much better. They're gentle on the skin and much easier to remove than the Tender Grips. We're also using their pulse oximeter wrap, which is a better alternative to what we'd been using (harsh medical tape).

All this to say, parents of preemies (or those who use home equipment for their kiddos), you must check this company out! If you're interested in ordering samples from them, you can email Judy at judy@neotechproducts.com. And please pass the word along to your friends, your home equipment and your NICU's (they make great products for the teeny tinies in the NICU).

One last word about Neotech, I have been so impressed with their generosity and the way in which they strive, not to run a business, but to truly help families and preemies. I know that their main concern is to create products that are safe/gentle for our babies.

That being said, I'd like you to know that they've already committed to helping us in our latest cause. What is that you might ask? Well, we are SO excited to share with our followers something we've been working on to give back. BUT it's not quite ready yet, so you'll just have to wait.

Check back on Friday as we will be unveiling our special project at noon (ET for all of our non-local friends)!


  1. Did you guys ever find a nasal cannula that was bigger than the infant size but smaller than the pediatric size? I know those are the only 2 sizes that the company we get our supplies through has...the infant is too small and the pediatric is way too big. Just curious if you happened to know if this company had any! And I may just have to ask for some samples of the O2 holders...those tender grips really do a number on Cohen's skin.

  2. We did, actually. We use the Salter Intermediate Infant Cannula that our home equip. company provides. But I do know that NeoTech also makes cannulas, so maybe they have a good option as well? And yes, ask for the EZ Holds to try. They're so much better. You have to warm them up in your hands before applying, but they stay on pretty well (they come off easier than the TG's, but I prefer replacing them more frequently as opposed to having to tear the others off his face). Hope this helps!

  3. Can't wait to hear what you're up to!!!

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