therapy update

Last week was a busy week for us... filled with birthday celebrations, therapy, and drs appointments.

The back story. I spent most of the week doing lots of research in developing a "game plan" after our last neuro appointment. We want to provide Pierce with the most helpful form of therapy and we know that this window of time (while he is still young) is incredibly important when it comes to helping his damaged brain rewire itself.

Many of you will remember we took Pierce in December to an ABM therapist. Since then, I've been researching more on this method and have really found myself gravitating towards ABM (in place of traditional PT). I started trying out some ABM exercises with Pierce a few weeks ago and have already seen a tremendous response. For instance, the tightness in his hips/legs seem to have diminished greatly. 

Check out these before/after photos I snapped last week:

So I figured that if I (an ABM amateur) was having such great success with this method, why not make ABM our primary therapy for awhile? We'd already had a great meeting with John, our local ABM therapist.

Decision time. After spending much time researching and contemplating, we've decided to make ABM our primary mode of therapy for awhile. I've talked with both our Early Interventionist and our Physical Therapist. Fortunately, everyone is on board.

When it comes to having a kid with special needs, it's important to remember that there are so many (and I mean countless!) avenues you can take to get to the same destination. Every baby is different. One may respond well to one mode of therapy, while another may do better in a totally different type of therapy. But the bottom line is: therapy is NOT a one-size fits all approach.

So for now, our therapy plan is going to start next week with a week-long intensive with John (our ABM therapist). After our intensive, we will continue/supplement with our bi-monthly physical therapy.  This will most likely be followed with more ABM intensive sessions. This is not to say that our plans won't change in a few months, or maybe even within the next month, but for now, we have a game plan. And boy does it feel good to have some decisions made! But, if there is one thing I've learned throughout this process, it's that you can't think too far ahead. It's too overwhelming and almost pointless as you can never predict what may transpire.

How you can help. We'd love your prayers as we start this new endeavor. Prayers that Pierce will respond well to this therapy. Prayers for wisdom as we go. Pray also that God will provide the financial/practical resources for us as we travel to see John.

We are excited about this time...about Pierce's future and we look forward to sharing about next week's intensive ABM therapy sessions with you!

Also, many thanks to all who have stepped up to help out with Pierce's Project. It's amazing to see how many want to help out. Please be patient with us as we are slowly organizing this effort (while trying to juggle a new job, the last semester of Seminary, speaking engagements AND a high maintenance baby). Look for an update soon on the many ways this project is going to help the families at our local NICU.

Thank you for walking this journey with us.

The Franks Family


  1. Wow! I loved the before/after pictures..what a difference. So glad that you've found something that works for you and Pierce. I'm sure he is going to do great with it and I can't wait to see his progress!!!

  2. Lindsay, the difference in Pierce's tone is just startling to say the least. I am believing more and more in the benefits of complementary/alternative therapies for myself and my family. We have had great success and I am extremely excited for Pierce! Keep searching and always trust your intuition.

  3. Hi Lindsay, I totally agree on what you said "therapy is NOT a one-size fits all approach", it involves a lot of trial and error to see what Pierce response to! It is so happy to know that he responses to well to ABM therapy and he is telling you what he likes! Keep going!

  4. I love this; you guys go for it!!!

    Linds, totally blanked out on our Skype plans last week :( Spur of the moment park trip coupled with the dinner crunch before parents, and the day was gone! Forgive me? Let's try again...Friday afternoon?