11 month update

Last Monday (3/12), Pierce turned 11 months. How is it that in just 3 short weeks my sweet boy is going to be a year old?!

Here's a quick look at where we are at and the progress we've made:
Age: 11 months (7 months adjusted)
Weight: 18 lbs 9 oz
Height: somewhere around 26 1/2 inches (although I can't find my tape measure to check and it's been more than a month since his last measure)

New skills: Pierce has really taken off with his baby signs. Just tonight he added the signs for cat and dog, bringing his total to 7 words that he's officially learned. He's also mastered the art of belly laughing. I've tried for days to get a video of his adorable belly laugh, but he seems to be a little camera shy these days. I did, however, manage to snap this one, which shows a more controlled and quiet laugh. Aren't these just the cutest giggles?
Our biggest accomplishment this month has been ... well, to say the least...purely amazing! 7 days ago, Pierce said goodbye to something that has been with him his WHOLE life. 335 days to be exact. Any guesses?

That's right! We bid farewell to o2!!! No more cannulas or stickies at night! Pierce has done amazingly well at coming off o2 and holding his sats really high when he sleeps. We still are putting him on a tiny bit (.1L) when he takes his really big 8oz bottles as I'm too nervous to interrupt our feeding pattern for fear that it will upset everything. But other than those big bottles, he's completely free of cords!

Sadly, we are exchanging the o2 cord for a different "accessory."

Pierce was fitted last week for a cranial band to help correct the flat spot on the back of his noggin'. I had initially thought we'd be able to avoid this, but after having him measured and seeing that his ears are pretty crooked, we decided to go ahead and get him one. He should be getting it in the next few weeks. Will you please be praying that it doesn't affect the progress we've made in the physical therapy arena and that his shunt won't be affected by the helmet (they have a nifty little way of making room in the helmet for the shunt and his neurosurgeon will also be watching it closely). For those who've never seen a cranial band, here's a picture to give you an idea:

We're taking ideas on how we should decorate his band... feel free to comment below and leave your suggestion!

Lastly, at Pierce's last eye appointment, his dr noticed a worsening in his nearsightedness. It hasn't been too significant, and it's definitely to be expected given the degree of his ROP and the fact that he required laser surgery, but it does mean that baby glasses are likely in our near future. It can be really hard to gauge the exact prescription in a baby, so his dr wants us to come back for another exam in 2 months to see if she gets the same prescription at the next exam (Pierce was pretty wiggly during his exam so it was hard for her to determine whether or not it was his lack of concentration or his vision).
Nevertheless, I've already started planning to pick out those cute baby glasses! Call me crazy, but I think they are just SO stinkin' cute! We're also taking suggestions on colors... leave that in your comment below with your suggestion on his cranial band decoration. :)

How you can pray:
1. For continued protection against germs. Pierce has managed to make it 11 months without getting a single sniffle! Now that the weather is warming up, we are contemplating venturing out more, but this is going to be done very, very slowly so as not to cause a panic attack for Mommy. We are so excited to start introducing Pierce to new friends, although I think at the rate we are going to go, he may be 10 before he meets everyone!
2.  For progress in his gross motor skills (rolling, sitting, etc.)
3. Continued protection against shunt malfunction or infection
4. That his nearsightedness would not worsen and that his eyes would grow normally and heal from the laser surgery
5. That the cranial band would work quickly to fix his plagiocephaly (the fancy word used to describe a "flat head")

Thank you for your continued prayers!


  1. I vote some sort of super hero comic on the band!

  2. "Yay!" for the no-more O2 and "do you already know about..." for the plagiocephaly: http://www.naturalnews.com/026379_therapy_craniosacral_baby.html

  3. NO MORE O2!!!!! That is so awesome! As for the band, maybe you could make it into some sort of fundraiser for Pierce's Project... like people donate for a spot on the band. Although with all your friends, who knows if the band is big enough! As for glasses... oh I love them SO much! I wish Jack would wear his. We got blue and they are so, so cute. I vote blue!

  4. How awesome about the O2! Coming home with it, I fantasize about the day I will no longer have a baby with cords! :)

    I think about Colin's first birthday as well, and the fantasy I had about having a huge blowout defintely changed once I had a preemie. Do you think about that too? How do we as preemie mom's celebrate our little one's first birthday without worrying about germs?

  5. What a huge deal to come off the O2! Congrats! Our baby girl is in a cranial helmet right now. Google "bling your band" for a bunch of cute vinyl decorations. I just ordered her name from a girl on etsy since it was cheaper. :) We do PT and Tatem's helmet hasn't affected her one bit. She didn't miss a beat with sleeping or anything. The only problem is that her head smells like stinky boy feet. :)

  6. You could get a picture of him and put it on the back of the helmet and then people will see him coming and going! HA

    Still praying!

  7. AMAZING being off of the o2! I am so happy for you guys!!! I also think BLUE glasses would be SUPER cute for him!! :) and you could get decals made to stick on his helmet. There are lots of people who make the sticker things on the circuit (i am not sure i named that right) BUT that way you could stick them on and periodically change them! :) you could have super hero ones, cute baby ones, Pierce ones, just EVERYTHING! :) haha

  8. Congrats on no more O2! That's wonderful news. Cade had a helmet too, and we put stickers on the back that said "Fixin' my flat" along with some Cars stickers. It was really cute, but the stickers started peeling off. Cade still has a flat head in the back, so I'm not so sure how effective his was.

  9. Wooo no O2!!! It's so nice to not have a leash anymore huh!? Good job, Pierce!!! I think those little baby glasses are adorable :) I think he should go green or blue. How did you know when to check his vision?? Cohen had ROP and was the stage before needing surgery...but I have no idea how taht affects vision and the Dr. never said anything about checking his actual vision.