Easter Pictures

Ok, I must confess. I got a little camera happy on Easter. It was too cold to go outside in the morning (that's how long P's outfit lasted) so I shot some pictures in our living room. It was just me and the bubs. Daddy was at work (aka church) all morning.

Here are some of my favorites:

We hope each of you had a wonderful Easter.

This is a busy and exciting week for our family. We've got a family photo shoot (including P's FIRST cake smash), a BIG announcement about Pierce's Project (check back on Thursday), and two birthday parties. We can't wait to share with our followers all about our little (yes, even though he's not 1.5 lbs, he's still my little boy) man's big day. Mark your calendars for Thursday (P's first birthday), check in on our blog that day and help us celebrate and rejoice all that God has done in his life.

The Franks Family


  1. Love his little outfit!! He's getting so big :)

  2. Adorable Easter pictures! Can't wait for Thursday! What a miracle he is!

  3. I am John Lehner's mom. Traveling this journey with you this year has been quite an adventure. I rejoice in your family, your faith and in the fountain of blessing that flows from our Father. It's been my honor to pray for you!~Vicki Williams