Surviving our first cold

Welcome to RSV season. 

I felt that message was screamed loud and clear to me last week. Not one, not two, not even three, but 4 of our micropreemies were sick last week with colds...mine included. Seriously, one week into the season and the isolation kids are sick? This is going to be a looooong winter.

But, we are thankful. On the first-third days, Pierce was wheezing pretty bad. He held his sats good until the 4th night. By then we had started Pulmicort, Albuterol and the dreaded oral steroid, Prednisone. Thankfully the steroid cocktail did it's trick and by the 5th day, his wheezing was hardly noticeable.

We were warned that in micropreemies colds can tend to drag on for ages. That's because their immune systems are weakened and they can't fight off the germs like a healthy child.

And so, we're on day 10... and the cold is still going strong. Lots of snot. Lots of coughs. Lots of steroid treatments.

And with every day, sometimes hour that passes, I find myself so, so thankful we've entered isolation season. Every time I start to get restless or bored of sitting inside, I want to think back on this yucky time. Remember why we're playing it safe.

Will you please pray that Pierce's body will be able to kick this cold out soon? And pray for the health of his other micropreemie friends, specifically Noah, Alli, and Cohen who all dealt with colds last week.

Thanks for walking this journey with us.


  1. Hope Pierce feels better soon!! Cohen seems to have gotten the mild version but it definitely made us nervous and was a good reminder of why we do isolation. Will be praying for you guys and the long winter ahead!

  2. Oh sweet boy. Praying that he can kick it to the curb!!

  3. Feel better sweet boy! We are praying for you.