Goodbye Dr.Brown...

...You've been a good friend. We're so, so thankful that Pierce has loved you for so long. (Not a common trait for babies who spent 6 weeks on the ventilator!)
He was only 3 lbs when he first met you.

He didn't like you at first. Heck, it took months just to get him to figure out how to take you without forgetting to breathe... but once he got the hang of it, you two began a long love relationship. 

But now (at 19months old/15 adjusted), it's time to part ways. So long old friend.

Move over bottle...and hello sippy!

Yes, this is the ONLY sippy cup Pierce will drink from. And yes, I did have to give him only chocolate milk for 2 weeks to bribe him off of the "baba." No worries, we're finally back to plain ol' milk.

(Now Mommy will go bawl her eyes out at the fact that her baby is turning into a toddler!)


  1. I am impressed that it only took two weeks of Chocolate milk. I feel like we spent months convincing Asher to let go of his Dr. Browns! Chocolate milk and juice were involved. Also, about a hundred dollars invested in every sippy cup ever made! Go Pierce!!!!

  2. This post really hits home, ours are 18 mo. on Saturday and still take 3 "babas", so hard to not worry about the "what if they don't drink it?" so I haven't really tried too much. They had a hard time learning to drink water but we will be trying the milk thing soon. any tips? maybe ill try this sippy.

  3. YAY!! It may be sad but it is a huge milestone. Congrats!!