Quick update and how you can pray

First of all, thank you so much for the sweet messages, fb posts, and phone calls we've received. It is so encouraging to know that there are so many of you walking this journey with us! Secondly, we wanted to give everyone a quick update.

Unfortunately we don't know much more than we did on Friday.
Here's what we do know:
1) Pierce's fourth ventricle is trapped and has grown in size since the last scan. Fourth ventricle entrapment is rare, but does occur in 3-4% of shunt cases. The fourth ventricle sits deep in the middle of the brain, just over the brain stem.
2) Pierce's doctor has reviewed the scan and would like to place a second shunt catheter into this ventricle to drain the fluid.
3) Unless Pierce's condition worsens (he's asymptomatic now), we will go in on January 8th for a pre-op appointment to discuss the surgery
4) We have decided to seek a second opinion as this shunt surgery is more involved than the first (because of the position of the ventricle). Fortunately, we are at a large and highly regarded neurosurgery practice and have been blessed to be surrounded by brilliant surgeons 

Here's how you can pray:
1) That God will give Pierce's neurosurgeon wisdom as he reviews Pierce's scan and decides the best course for surgery.
2) Pray also for wisdom for the other neurosurgeon we've requested a second opinion from. He comes highly regarded and is notorious for being more aggressive with surgeries in hopes to avoid shunts. We are hoping that Pierce will be a candidate for a newer, more advanced procedure that would allow him to avoid a second shunt catheter.
3) For Pierce to remain free of symptoms giving us more time to sort through our options.
4) Finally, for peace and wisdom for Nik and I. The neurosurgery world is full of gray areas and we've learned that quickly. Pray for wisdom and clarity as we seek the best option for Pierce.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for us!


  1. Praying Lindsay! I am especially interested to hear the second opinion as we have also discussed other options for Jack than having 2 shunts. These grey areas are enough to drive ya crazy, right?!!

  2. will be praying for you guys!!!