Post Op Day 2

Pierce seemed to do better last night both with the pain and the nausea. He moved to a regular room around 5pm and seemed to even cheer up, just a tad. He's still having bouts of pain and nausea. This morning I was able to get him to eat a few bites of Jello and drink some gatorade- so far he's held down both.

The neurosurgery team just rounded and they'd like to get a sedated MRI on Pierce today to get a clear, detailed picture to check on the fourth ventricle (where they operated) and also to see how his VP shunt is working. Please pray that this MRI will show encouraging, positive results and that all will be working like it should. Also pray that they will not need to place Pierce back on the ventilator for the scan. (They don't think they'll need to, but please pray we avoid this.)

We will update later.

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