We're Home- Post Op Day 5

Yesterday we were able to go be discharged! Little man seemed to turn a corner on Friday night, and finally started to perk up a bit. Since they were able to wean his pain meds (he's only on Ibuprofen) and he was keeping small amounts of food down (and wanting to eat- a great sign!), they decided it'd be best for him to finish recovering at home.

We were so excited as we were all DONE with that place. Pierce couldn't get very much rest because it seemed every 30 min-1hr someone was coming in to take his vitals, look at the incision, give him his meds.

He slept the entire way home. When we got in he was sick, but we think it was probably from the long car ride. Fortunately, after a few hours he was able to eat a bit of food and keep it down. We gave him his Ibuprofen and put him to bed around 7pm, hoping he could catch some winks before waking for pain meds.

Well, Pierce had other plans. Seems he wanted to make up for all the lost sleep. He didn't wake up until 10 am this morning! That's right... no pain meds all night! I am sure that if I had had this surgery, I'd be begging for the morphine.

Today he's been enjoying watching tv and snuggling with us. He seems pretty happy most of the time, just very, very tired. He's only gotten sick once today so we're hoping that tomorrow will bring a complete end to the nausea.

On a different note, we've noticed Pierce has started moving his left arm more than he has ever done before. He's raising it up over his head (he's never done this, even with help) and moving all his fingers. It's too early to say, but we're hoping this surgery is going to provide big results in Pierce's motor skills.

Thank you all for the continued prayers, notes of encouragements and calls/texts. It's been such a blessing to know we weren't alone on this journey. The last week has been so emotionally exhausting, especially the night of the surgery when we thought something had gone horribly wrong. We are so thankful for your prayers. And we are thankful that God brought Pierce through the surgery and are trusting in Him to help him make a complete recovery.

We will continue to recover at home until May 7th when we'll travel back to Duke to have Pierce's stitches removed and to go for another MRI scan to see how his fourth ventricle is shrinking.

Here's how you can pray:
1. Continue to pray against infection. Because Pierce already had a shunt, that increases his risk of infection from the surgery. We will continue to watch him closely for the next few months to make sure nothing comes up.
2. Pray that his fourth ventricle would decrease in size and that his brain stem and cerebellum would return to normal positions.
3. Pray for an end to the nausea and vomitting.
4. For miraculous results! We're hoping that this surgery will help Pierce take great strides in his motor skills.


  1. praising God! We will continue to pray, though, for complete recovery and miraculous results!

  2. That's wonderful!!! Home and moving his little arm more! God is so good. I'm still praying and know that more good surprises are ahead!

  3. Praying for the whole family