big hurdle for today

Pierce had a pretty rough night and morning. His vitals kept dropping, indicating that his lungs weren't tolerating the oscillator (type of ventilator he was on) and that he was fighting an infection. The lab report came back confirming that he indeed does have an infection. Doctors feel confident that the antibiotics can control this. However, they told us that the biggest concern is that Pierce's lungs are just too immature. There is really nothing that they can do to help this. Please, please pray that God will touch Pierce's lungs and that they will be able to withstand this battle. It appears that today will be one of those hour-by-hour, sometimes minute-by-minute days where we sit at his bedside and hope and pray. Please join us in praying for healing for our son. We are trusting that God is going to continue working miracles through Pierce's life and that He will grant us strength to make it through today.

Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. Continuing to pray with you guys!

  2. We are continuing to pray for Pierce, you and Nik. I am still checking the computer ever few hours for your update. We have love you all and are here if you need anything.

    Love Dian, Hallie and Marty

  3. Lindsey, want you to know that I am praying for you, Nik and Pierce. The following words are from a song from Hillsong. They have meant a lot to me and hope they will you.
    Linda Adams

    You have always been
    You will always be faithful
    When I cry out to You God
    And my heart is overwhelmed, you hear

    And I know I can trust You at all times
    Cause the one who is higher
    Stands by my side

    You hide me God
    In the shadow of your wings
    And draw me close
    I'm secure in Your holy embrace
    I will trust in You