Why do bad things happen to good people?

Throughout these last 11 days, many around me have posed a question similar to the title of this blog. Nurses have sympathized with me by saying things such as, "we just don't understand how some "good" mothers like you, those who try do everything right in the book, can have such sick babies and yet "bad" mothers, those who have done nothing to ensure a healthy pregnancy, can walk out of the hospital with a healthy, full-term baby." Others have said, "I just don't know why God allows this to happen to such good people." I can't say that I haven't ever selfishly asked God, "Why us? Why did this have to happen to us?" But, I'd like to share with you an answer to that question. Hopefully it will bring you as much comfort as it does for myself and Nik.

There is a book entitled "When Bad Things Happen To Good People" that is often used in grief counseling. It's written by a Jewish rabbi who struggled after his son died at a young age. While I think Kushner (author) makes several good points, this book is terribly flawed in it's line of thinking. You see, even the title suggests something that is fundamentally wrong- none of us are "good" people in God's eyes. The Bible teaches us that, “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God" (Romans 3). We are all sinners. We all choose things over God. And it is only by God's grace that as believers, we have been covered by Christ's righteousness.

Therefore, to suggests that God owes us "good" people "good" things, goes against the reality of this fallen world. This may sound cold, or cruel, but the question we should be asking God is "Why do good things happen to bad people?" You see, the fact that God allows any of us pleasures in this life, is grace. And when you understand that God owes us nothing but death, His grace abounds all the more! I know this concept is hard to swallow when the plague of entitlement has ravaged through America. We expect God to be a genie in a bottle that gives us whatever we want, when we want it and then if He doesn't, we get mad at Him. (This reflects thinking that is more in line with a 2-yr-old.) But when you realize that the God of the Universe, the God whom you and I rebel against everyday, cares enough to bless us, and bless us frequently, how amazing that truly is!

Secondly, to understand God's hand in this situation, we must understand God's character. Everything that God allows and ordains is for His glory. He uses everything for good. Since Nik and I moved to Charlotte, there have been about 20 people for whom we've fervently prayed to come to an understanding of the Gospel. We've prayed numerous times for opportunities to share our faith with them. And now, we have many of them as a captive audience. :)So I'd like to propose a question to those of you who are reading this. Have you ever thought that God might be allowing this to happen so that you might be drawn closer to Him? In other words, perhaps God, being rich in mercy, is using Pierce and his life to bring you to an understanding of how much He loves you. We pray that this is the case. We pray that God is using this to advance His kingdom. And already, we have received numerous emails of how God is working in your lives. And for that, we are thankful. If God is allowing our suffering to bring glory to His name, we humbly rejoice. Daily we are trusting God to grant us hearts that are full of faith (because our hearts can, and do quickly turn astray) that can proclaim, "Christ is enough. He is more than enough for me. He will sustain us. And He will glorify Himself through Pierce's life." And friends, Christ truly is more than enough. He is the only thing that will ever bring you satisfaction in this life. And He is pursuing you. He will do whatever it takes to bring you to faith in Him. Cling to Him tonight.

Finally, I'll share this video. The song is sung by Aaron Keyes, a family friend from Greenville (check out his music, it truly is amazing!). This song as well as the sermon clips reminds us that it is only by Christ's sacrifice that we can boldly go before God and ask for him to save Pierce's life.

Much love,


  1. yours and Niks faith is very inspirational to me and my family! I love you guys and have been praying constantly for all of you!!!
    the manis family!

  2. Lindsay, I must say that this is the most selfless thing I have ever read or been a part of. You are truly an amazing woman! Still praying every day for the three of you!

    Amy Mackesy Nardelli

  3. Love you guys - glad God brought you into my life!

  4. Lindsay- I couldn't have said it any better than the people above that have commented. I read this blog several times a day (it's an icon on my home screen). You have been such an inspiriation to me. I know that you have amazing faith but reading this daily- yours and Nik's- I am just beyond words.......I am amazed at your strength and most of all your faith. I don't know how you do it every day. I love you all and miss you terribly! And know here I'd you need anything :-)

  5. Throw the years of you being apart of our family I have always know what a strong faith you have. Ever time I read Pierce's blog I see that your faith just gets stronger. You have been amazing mother to Pierce. I am so proud of you. I know we are not suppose to question why. but I known with your faith, Nik and all your family and friends you, Pierce and Nik will get through this.You have so many friends and family that are just waiting to hepl. I know all we can do right now is to contuied to pray for Pierce. PS Hallie ask me ever few hours let go check the blog. She is so worried about you. She keeping pray for you a Pierce. We love you very much.

    Dian And Hallie

  6. Aaron Keyes was my worship pastor when I lived in Atlanta. I kept the boys for he and Megan often. Great family. They have an incredible heart for the gospel. Loved watching this video through your perspective. What hope would we have if it wasn't for the Cross?

    Got connected to your blog through my best friend, Meagan (Lewis) Ethridge. Praying for you two and for baby Pierce as he has his surgery today. The Lord is the lifter of your head. He will carry you through this. Hang on!