update on Pierce

We just got in from sitting with Pierce for a bit. He seems to be tolerating the traditional ventilator better, although he is still giving his nurses a run for their money. It's so hard to sit with him and watch his vitals drop. He will be doing well for a few minutes and then everything changes so fast. It suddenly becomes all too apparent that Pierce is literally clinging to life. It is heart-wrenching. But I left him, knowing that God is sovereign. He is hold Pierce and we trust that He is going to restore his health. Please join us in praying for a stable night and an easier day tomorrow. Pray for Jennifer, his night nurse and Lindsay, his nurse tomorrow.

Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. Love you guys. Today He has risen!!! He will also raise up your sweet baby to be a testimony, strong little boy, & believer....because he has amazing parents who are trusting the Lord & tons of prayer behind you!!!!

  2. thinking about you all, and praying for a good night and day for your sweet boy, you, and the nurses! love you!

  3. Happy Easter Baby Pierce!!!

    This day is a very special day, ask your daddy and mommy to tell you the amazing story of our Lord. The great One who is holding you so close right now. This is your first Easter, and what a triumphant Easter it is!!! May the Lord of all be with you, Mommy Lindsay, and Daddy Nik as we all celebrate our Lord rising again on behalf of his Love for us!!! Prayers be with you Franks family tonight!! Never before meeting the Franks family, I want to say on behalf of the Rogers-Garces Family.. that we love you guys.. the strength your (little) but STRONG family has displayed is surely powering and inspireing... We are truely blessed to have such a strong family to watch and behold.. God bless you guys! And for baby Pierce, a strong recovery so he will be, too, his own Bible story!

    God bless,

    Jessica & Victor Garces
    Gwen, Bryson, and Jennifer Rogers

  4. I'm praying Lindsay. Get some rest if you can, your body needs healing too.

  5. Nik, Lindsay, and Pierce,

    I was directed to your blog by a coworker requesting prayer for you all. I will be praying.

    I read your "Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People" post, and smiled and nodded all the way through it. You see, several years ago I underwent a series of grueling treatments and eventually a stem cell transplant for recurring cancer. (Thankfully, I am cured today with an excellent prognosis.) At the time, my husband and I had four children, ages 4 through 12 yrs. I did not feel certain that I would survive to raise my children, but I KNEW that God was WITH me (and them) and that He had us all in the hollow of His hand. His Word was so real, and He was so real to my husband and me during that time. We experienced all the difficult human emotions, but at the same time were somehow carried along above the whole situation. God's involvement was evident in every detail.

    Reading your post made me smile and nod because, though our situations are different, you and I, complete strangers to eachother, obviously know the same precious Lord. He is with YOU, and He has YOU in the hollow of His hand. Praise His awesome, beautiful name. Only a living God can do that.

    Continue to trust in the Lord Jesus and acknowledge Him in all your ways. He truly is good all the time.

    A prayer for you: Lord Jesus, you told us to bring our needs to you with confidence that you will hear and answer us. We bring sweet Pierce to you today and ask for his little body to be strengthened, especially his lungs and brain. Please heal his infection and stabilize his vital signs and his progress. Keep him alive and allow his parents the privilege of raising him to healthy adulthood. Let your beautiful presence be a direct comfort to Nik and Lindsay. Thank you that you hear us, Lord. Amen.

    Your anonymous Christian sister for now, but I look forward to meeting you all in Heaven!

  6. Dear Lindsay, Nik and little Pierce, what an inspiration you have been to me as I have followed your daily posts since the arrival of our dear baby Pierce. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are always with you and I will continue to ask God's blessings upon your family. Love you, Aunt Nina