Easter update

Just got back in from visiting Pierce. Little man decided to self-extabate this morning so needless to say, he gave the entire medical team a run for their money. Please pray that he stabilizes more and that his "spells" will become fewer and farther between. At the moment, the doctors think they have the infection under control and they are going to try weaning him down on the ventilator. They are also watching his creatinine levels to see if/when they can administer the indocin to treat the PDA. All of these hurdles, along with several others are all on the agenda. Pray that God grants the medical team wisdom as to know which one of these issues to treat first and again, that Pierce will become more stable as time passes. At this point, Nik and I are really feeling the effects of this rollercoaster. Pray for endurance for us as we look to start week 3 (yeah!) of this journey.

Much love,
Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. I know you have NO idea who I am, But I have been praying for you since I saw your blog! Keep your eyes on Jesus!.. Your family is being used by God more than you know!.. You keep things in perspective for me and you keep me praying for you all!.. Your lives are shining ever so brightly!
    May God pour His blessing and LOVE on you 3 today!..!

  2. God Bless you Lindsay. (and Nik and Pierce!) It is such a long road, but walking it will bring you not only closer to the Lord, but you will NEVER look at your son and not remember this time. It is not a bad thing. I treasure my children soooo very much, and I think more than I would have had they been healthy and on time. So keep hanging on, take care of YOURSELF because without you being with him each day, Pierce would be missing so much! I know that they hear us, feel us and the ability WE have as mothers to calm them, cause the vitals to stabalize, increase oxygen sats., etc. is amazing and wonderful. As soon as possible, when he is stable, ask to kangaroo him. It is a blessed time between a mother and child. I'm praying for you all, sweetie! Love you!

  3. Hi again -

    I am a friend of Ken's - he was my pastor in Sou. Pines - and I found you through him.

    I have been praying for you all since Ken's first email, and I will continue. Your faith in this is both challenging and encouraging. Thank you for allowing me to pray with you this journey. I am sharing your story with friends.

    God Bless,
    Holli Teubner