Birthday Party!

Just a reminder... everyone have a little celebration for Pierce at 742pm tonight. God has rescued him from what the doctors considered "certain, imminent death." And we trust that He will continue to sustain him. So tonight, fall on your knees and praise God that he sustained not only Pierce, but all of us!


  1. we will be praising!!

  2. For everyone wondering... the "bracelet" Pierce is wearing is Nik's wedding band!

    I can't wait for the party to begin!!! We will continue praying every day!

  3. Was in Boone today preaching and shared with the entire congregation about Pierce, was amazed because at least 3 different people came to share with me me that either they are their babies were born around 24 weeks and all made it....not without many, many trials.....but they made it.
    Stay encouraged!

  4. Happy Birthday Pierce! Nik and Lindsay, our whole family and friends are praying you every day! You are always in my thoughts, love you all so much!
    The Pasquarello's

  5. Many many prayers for the family. Special blessing for baby Pierce. God is always with us.