Hooray, our little boy made it for his 5 day birthday! Our nurse encouraged us to touch him (even though it's technically not allowed). She said you'd be amazed at how he will relax when he feels his parents touch. So we touched him. And he did relax. He looked so peaceful as we prayed for him and told him that Jesus was holding him.

Here are a few pictures from the celebration. Our friend Isaac brought us a candle to celebrate!

Not only did he make it, he is doing well tonight. Resting comfortably. He has a WONDERFUL (and that is an understatement. all of his nurses have been truly amazing.) nurse tonight, Rebecca. Pray that she will be granted wisdom as she cares for our little one. And pray that God continues to give Pierce a restful night. Nik and I have been filled with hope and peace by the Holy Spirit today. We know this is supernatural and not of us. But God is at work in our hearts and we pray yours as well. Nik and I pray that as a result of this trial, many will come to know Jesus in the way in which we have been blessed.

We love you all. Keep praying.


  1. We love the smiles on your faces!!! Your family is so beautiful!! We celebrated with Lindsay's Mom! Have a safe and restful night!! We will continue to pray! Love you guys!

  2. I love to see you smiling Lindsay! What a remarkable day! Friends and I have been praying day and night for your family. Thank you again for all the updates. I have bookmarked your blog and hit refresh every time I walk by my computer. God is definitely at work in my heart! I feel to blessed and honored to be witnessing your miracle!

  3. love love love it!! love the smiles on your faces and that you had this wonderful milestone to celebrate today! thank you for sharing the pictures and your journey with us all. wishing you a quiet and restful night!

  4. Wonderful news and photos of your family- your smiles are so wonderful! He is one amazing little boy and God is so wonderful and truly working in your lives!

  5. God is great.
    We pray for you and your little one. Lukas was premature baby too I know what you are experiences....
    We pray and i know God is doing miracles every time we just have to trust him
    Jamie say Hi
    Lenka , Nadia, Lukas

  6. It's SO good to see your smiling faces! Great photo :) Praying for you today.