the latest update

Nik and I just went on our first date since becoming parents! God was gracious and allowed all three of us to have a peaceful, restful Sabbath. So we decided to head over to the Diamond restaurant (about 5 minutes from the hospital) to get some fresh air and to absorb what has been going on these past 5 days.

God has given us such an abiding peace- it truly is hard to describe. He's brought us to a point where we understand that we are totally dependent on Him. And friends, the most magnificent thing is that there is truly no greater place to be. Neither Nik or I have experienced joy at the level we have today. Let me make one thing clear: this is not a result of anything we've conjured up on our own. It is a great mercy of our loving Father. And for that, we praise Him.

Here is the miraculous update on Pierce: Nik and I went on a little date and then went in to read some Scripture and to tuck our guy in. His amazing nurse had him all nuzzled in a blanket to try and re-create a womb-like environment. I can't tell you the feeling of relief that I felt when I saw my baby resting so comfortably. God has granted us all a restful Sabbath. BUT the biggest miracle of all.... at the last check, Pierce's potassium levels were 4.1!! That is in the completely normal range (3.5-4.5)! Friends, this truly is a medical miracle. There is no explanation. This is God's doing. Let us praise Him for that. Be praying for Pierce's brain scan tomorrow. We feel confident that God is healing our little boy and we are praying hard tonight that He is protecting his little brain from any bleeding or possible damage. Please join us in praying that.

Love to you all.

Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. Hope you all rest comfortably tonight- wonderful news- love to you all

  2. Such Great News! Praising with you!

  3. As we have been studying the Beatitudes, I was asking the question this morning, what is the taste of "saltiness?" I think it is oozing from you, Nik, and baby pierce. It is reading, observing, and watching you love your son, love those around you, and also loving those who don't know our God. You are living it right before hundreds of eyes. I love you. Lynn

  4. that is awesome! :) Love you guys!!!

  5. Great news! The Roses are praying for you all.