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Tonight it appears that after about 24-hrs, Pierce has come out of what is referred to as the "honeymoon period." Our doctors warned us not to get our hopes up. He had done exceedingly well all day today. We had several friends stop by and he was doing remarkably well. His oxygen levels were good, his heart rate was good and in fact, they had planned on extabating him in the morning. We were warned, however that his chances for survival (25-30%) had not changed. We were warned about this so-called "honeymoon phase." We were warned. But yet, we were not prepared for the devastating emotions that unfolded in a course of a few moments as we watched our son's vitals drop drastically. It became apparent that his immature lungs just weren't able to tolerate this weaning off process and the doctors switched him back to the oscillator (a higher powered ventilator). Right now the doctors are saying he is definitely sicker than he has ever been. This is a turn for the worse.

But yet in all of this, in the darkest of times, God has been gracious. At one point, Nik and I stepped into the NICU family waiting area and met a guy who announced that his baby was a "miracle." Born at 24 weeks, she weighed 1lb 7 oz's and is now a whopping 3lbs and thriving. And then upon returning to our room tonight, our lactation consultant proudly announced that she was born, 61 years ago, at 1lb 7oz! She reminded us that with God, all things are possible! Nik and I are overwhelmed at the love and support God has brought to us through others in our lives. We see His hand at work. And we trust that God is with Pierce and that He will sustain him.

We ask you to pray that Pierce's lungs will clear up and that he will be able to be weaned off the total ventilation. Please pray that his vitals stabilize. It appears that he is what is referred to as a "touch-me-not." Our nurse put it this way, "He just doesn't want anyone messing with him!" This means that the slightest touch irritates our little guy and this can throw his vitals off. We know that our God is faithful and loving. We know that He can mature our guys lungs. Please, please be fervent in prayer. Please lift Nik and I up as watching our son in pain without the option of holding/touching him has been the most emotionally trying thing either of us have ever had to deal with.

And lastly, we want to remind everyone of the hope that resides in us. We know that Christ is with Pierce. That Christ is with us. And that as Scripture teaches us, Christ holds everything together. He is our Hope. Our anchor. And our strength. Our deepest desire is that He will use Pierce's life in order to glorify Himself and radiate the truth of the Gospel. We know He will be faithful to do that. And faithful to heal our son.

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