morning update

It appears Pierce hasn't made much change over night. The doctors were able to give him a third round of medicine to help his immature lungs and he seems to be responding to that. This morning, Pierce is scheduled for a blood transfusion (common in preemies) and an echocardiogram to diagnose/rule out any hearts issues. Please do not cease in prayer for our little one, us and the wonderful medical team that is constantly at his bedside. We truly are hoping for a miracle. We love you all and will keep you updated.


  1. I was praying for you all in the night and you are on my heart again this morning. So thankful Pierce is in God's strong hands!

  2. Stay strong Pierce! Your mom and dad love you very much. You have alot to live for.


  3. Lindsay, I hope your physical healing is going well, and that you're getting a bit of sleep. Things sound so positive. God is good. :)
    Love, steph

  4. Lindsay,
    I am praying for you today, all day!!! I know the feeling of having a precious baby boy that needs comforting and you can't touch him. Trust that God is comforting him for you. It sounds like you have an amazing medical staff making the best decisions for that precious boy, I'm praying for them too. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I think about the story Chris and I have to share now about how God pulled us through Tad's NICU days. I'm praying for your story that you will share one day. I'm praying for the sweet couple that you will one day be able to support when they go through this. Try to take care of yourself. You've been through a tough few days (physically. Try to rest, I know it isn't easy but making an effort is important. We love you!!! The whole Roberts family is all praying for you!

  5. we are praying tons!!!!

  6. Lindsey & Nick

    Your faith is amazing! The 3 of you have been and will continue to be in our hearts and prayers. I have a very dear friend who is a nurse in the very NICU your beautiful son is in. Her name is Betty Gerring ... please reach out to her if you need anything! I know all the nurses there are wonderful, caring and compassionate. I have spent some time there volunteering and I have seen many miracles. Continue to have faith and know that Baby Peirce has a huge fan base!

    Amy, Dave and Ryan Nardelli <3

  7. Lindsay, Nik and Baby Pierce,

    While I do not know you directly ( I am Brandy's sister) I know that you are my brothers and sister in Christ. My family is praying for you and your beautiful son. He was "fearfully and wonderfully made." We will be praying for you.

    Bonnie Silcox

  8. Lindsay & Nik,
    We are lifting you all up! Keeping you in our prayers!
    Love- This Simms Six- Misi, Tisha, Saige Aiden & Twins

  9. I am a friend of Blake and jennifer. Just want to let you know that our church is praying for you all. God is good and his grace is sufficient.

  10. I have been praying all night and day for your little one, Lindsay. I cannot imagine your feelings right now, but know that you are not alone - God holds your little boy in His hands, and there is NO better place to be.