night before surgery

Nik and I just got in a little bit ago. Before we left the hospital, we were able to help with Pierce's "cares" for the night. Nik was able to take Pierce's temperature and I was able to help change his diaper, change his blanket, and even lift him up while his nurse positioned the pillow. This was the first time I've held him since that awful Saturday (8 days ago) and what a joyous experience it was! And this was the first time I've been able to hold just him. Last time, I had to hold him on a pillow so I wasn't really able to tell how much he actually weighed. And the best news of all is that Pierce did remarkably well. He typically desats while his cares are done, but tonight, he behaved and didn't have any spells. We are praying for a quiet night and that our little one (along with us) gets a good rest before his big day tomorrow. God has been gracious in continuing to grant us a peace that He is in control. He has done many miraculous things in Pierce's life thus far, and we feel certain that He is going to continue working in our little guy's life. Please join us in praying for a easy recovery from the surgery and that Pierce will make great strides forward in terms of progress.

Here is a picture from tonight... Laura, his amazing nurse, hunted down a teeny tiny pacifier (which still looks huge on P) and cut it so that it'd fit around his vent tube. He loves it! And he even tries sucking on it... kind of hard to do when you have a tiny mouth that's full of tubes.


  1. Stephanie ChildressApril 27, 2011 at 12:55 AM

    I can tell that he has grown and developed more since the last picture!

  2. He's so precious. What a great photo. :)


  3. While you have no idea who I am, please know that I am praying for Pierce's surgery today. May God hold him in the palm of His hand as the doctors operate. We serve a migthy God...one who knows our deepest desires. Know that you are being lifted up to our Father today and for the days to come.

  4. He is perfect! It's so sweet to see him all tucked in on his tummy :) I will be thinking of you all today and praying for the best possible outcome from his surgery. Stay strong!!

  5. Guys, you don't know me, but I surely feel like I know you and Pierce. I have been praying that all will go well today. God always knows the right time for us. Be assured that He is in contol and rest in that thought. I am praying and love all of you.

  6. As many of us, I have come to love you all and baby Pierce. We serve a Mighty God and He has truly used you all to show the true definition of Great Faith. You have been in mine and my families prayers since we learned of baby Pierce thru my nephew, Tim & Brittany Bookout. This morning while praying for you all, I was reminded of a great song sung by Vestal Goodman: Till The Storm Passes By:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeVzSQjUBe0&feature=related. Rest in His great love as I know you are. We are praying today and everyday. God is Faithful.

  7. All these pictures look so familiar. We have many pictures as well of our son that look like Pierce's pictures.
    Seems like he has already surprised many people with his strong will to survive! God has great plans for your little boy even if it's just to show people around the world that anything is possible thru Christ and to have stronger Faith.
    The Dr's told us that we have the option to discontinue medical treatment with our son if his condition was to worsen. We stayed positive and strong knowing that God was in control and that whatever was to happen was God's Will and and we were not going to question his Will.
    Today our son is a Vibrate, Smart, Healthy and as normal as a 2 year old can be! We are blessed!
    We will pray baby Pierce's surgery is a success without any complications during or after surgery. Praying for the medical team. Praying for a healthy recovery. Praying for peace and comfort for Lindsay and Nik.

    God Bless.

  8. We are praying for you, Nik, and Pierce, the caregivers and the surgeons as they work. Be filled today with comfort and peace that comes ONLY from our Lord.

  9. i randomly say your blog posted on facebook by Sam Honea, and have just finished reading all of it. I live in Germany, doing youth ministry with young life on a military base here...know we're praying heaps!!! and i'll being thinking of y'all lots tomorrow around surgery time. your faith and strength and dependence on Him are such a blessing and testimony of the true glory of our God!