night update: day 9

Pierce is 9 days old now! Praise the Lord. :)

Overall, Pierce had a stable, good, quiet day. Probably a good thing because Nik and I shuffled between the hospital, the house, my doctors office and other errands that needed to be done today. We learned that I (Lindsay) have developed a slight infection at my incision site. Please pray that the medicine I've been given kicks in and that the Drs. won't have to do anything further. It's so hard to remember to rest and care for myself when I really just want to sit with Pierce all day. But the Lord has been gracious in allowing us to have peace about leaving Pierce with the nursing staff.

Continue to pray as Pierce will have another echo to determine the size/severity of the PDA. We were told today that if it is still wide open, which Drs. are assuming is the case, they will most likely start the medicine to try and close it.

There have been so many times today when I've been overwhelmed with so many conflicting thoughts and feelings- one minute joy and complete trust, the next anxiety and fear. Although I must say, I'm becoming increasingly aware that NOTHING in life is certain. Any sense of security that I had before April 12th, was false. Any sense of security that you have is false as well. The only thing that is secure and steadfast in this life is Christ. So tonight I am resting in His goodness and mercy and praying that He uses every ounce of our pain/struggle to bring glory to His name.

Much love,


  1. Hi. I don't know you guys but I am praqying earnestly for all of you! Your faith is such a testimony!

    I am sure that by now someone has told you about Kayla Aimee and Jeff. But just in case you haven't heard their story~ their baby girl Scarlette was born early and weighed 1 lb, 9 oz. She came home from the hospital last week and is doing great!! Here is here blog:


    God bless you!

  2. Lindsey,

    I learned of your current circumstance through a friend on FB. I am moved to pray for Pierce and your entire family during this time. I can see that your faith and trust in the sovereignty of God is radiant. Rest assured that He is already receiving much glory through this precious little life.

    On a side note, since I don't know you, I would love to see pics of the entire family so I can have a face in mind while I'm praying.

    Connected through Jesus,
    Julie Elrod, Smyrna, GA

  3. Nik & Lindsay, you have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. I am so glad to hear everything is going well. God is so good! Lindsay, Pierce is over a week old. I know that was a major milestone for you. Take care of yourself too girl! Y'all be good and tell that sweet boy I will be there tomorrow night. See you then!
    Jennifer (weekend night nurse)

  4. I have continually been moved by reading your blog! I update my husband throughout the day about Pierce and we are praying and thinking of you all often! Love the Bosts (sis and Bro-in-law of Kathleen Clatfelter)

  5. Hi Lindsay,
    What a beautiful baby you have! What a miracle. I am a friend of Jenni's and received an email from her about your family. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, your husband and your sweet Pierce. I have worked in a NICU and have seen many miracles :) I will continue to pray for your sweet man...

    Happy Easter!


  6. Nik and Lindsay, God is good. All the time. We are praying for you and for Pierce, and I shared the link with my next door neighbor and (I hope you don't mind) I copied the link to my FB account. We'll cover you in prayers from around the world! Hugs, Love, and Blessings to you all!

    Seoul, S. Korea

  7. What a blessing to read the comments! God is working miracles among us all, and using you in the process. Our God is amazing. We missed you last night at Maundy Thursday. Evan was incredible, God used him. I miss you.Love, Lynn

  8. Lindsay, Praising God for 9 days!

  9. Praying and sending a "Happy First Easter Pierce!" your way and an 'AMEN' to the only certainity we have in this life and the next is our Savior. His blessings this Good Friday, L Musgrove and family in Athens, GA

  10. Anthony and SusanApril 22, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    Our prayers continue. May you continue to find rest and peace in the steadfast love of God as He keeps you and blesses you.