"P" is for Pierce

This picture needs a little explanation. Last night, a dear friend Erin brought us dinner (made by Ginny- a sweet girl we've never met!) along with this gift. When I opened it, I immediately started crying because of the thought behind it. You see, just last week, I had made plans to work on making comic book covered letter's for Pierce's nursery. I was so impressed with my original idea and had looked forward to creating something special for my unborn baby. And then everything happened and of course, designing a nursery was far from my thoughts. I thanked Erin for creating what I couldn't, all the while assuming I had told her my idea (I had shared it with a couple friends). When I realized that Erin looked confused, I asked, "You did know I was going to make letters just like these, didn't you?" To which she shook her head no and said that she came up with the idea on her own. We both rejoiced and realized that this was totally a "God thing." How amazing that He cares about even the smallest, most minute details of our lives. Erin's gift offered me so much encouragement/excitement about Pierce's future. It reminded me of all the little things (like planning a nursery, having a baby shower) that are to come. I know that God sent her at the right time to offer me that joy.

PS- Erin is making Pierce's entire name to go above his crib at home!


  1. Lindsay I LOVE this post... God cares about all the details. Love it and am so encouraged by all the ways you share with us everyday how God is meeting you where you are. Love you!
    -Nicole Chitty

  2. I've always called these "God's hugs" -- since I consider a hug an unexpected, spontaneous show of affection. What a blessing! Our God is mighty but He stoops to give us the hugs we need!

  3. that is very awesome!!!

  4. My Sweet Lindsay, I am so thankful God reminded you of his stedfast love at this time. Much Love, Mom

    Psalm 37:23 "The steps of the godly are directed by the LORD. He delights in every detail of their lives."