prayers for today

We just checked on little man. He's doing well, having a harder time keeping his vitals up, but we are attributing this to the fact that this is the first day he hasn't been under the jaundice light, meaning he doesn't have to wear his cool sunglasses and he can see more. He is very alert this morning, which is good and bad at the same time. Good, because it means he's very responsive and showing no signs of a devastating brain bleed. And bad, because he has a hard time keeping his heart rate up when he moves so much. I'm sure his nurse, Emily would appreciate if he'd just sit still for a while and rest. Of course I guess this story is true with most infants.

Nik and I just had a very encouraging meeting with Dr.Engstrom. They are going to wait to give him the medicine for PDA. He didn't hear the murmur as bad this morning so it doesn't seem to be causing much trouble. They'd rather not be hasty in giving the medicine since every day his organs get stronger and stronger, thus lowering the risk for complications. Pray that this PDA will be resolved soon and that any medicine/surgery given to do this will not have negative side-effects.

Also, please pray for me (Lindsay) as I've had some minor complications with the C-section. I'm sure they are all related to the fact that I have not rested like I should. I did stay home last night and Nik came by himself to check on Pierce. We are headed to the doctors office this afternoon to be seen and make sure everything is healing the way it should be. Please pray that this resolves itself soon and that I'll be able to sit with Pierce. It's so hard to feel like I can't be there for him. But I am trusting that Jesus is with him and holding him.

Thank you for all the prayers. We love you guys.


  1. I am also one of those people you don't know. Tim and Brittney are cousins of a very close friend of mine. Prayer request and blog was passed on to me and I have been following it since. I have such a burden for you all, as my mind and prayers don't stop. I have been so blessed and encouraged by you both during this trial. I haven't commented because I know you have enough on your plate and I feel like I have so much to share, but I also want to be encouraging.
    I also have to say PRAISE GOD that Dr. Engstrom couldn't hear the murmur as much today. I am praying AND believing that Pierce won't even need the meds for the PDA. Our God is able to HEAL miraculously without meds or surgery. When I read that, I couldn't help but swell up with tears and joy rejoicing for that news. No matter what God's plan is in helping Pierce, HE IS ABLE! God bless you all and praying for your healing also Lindsay.

  2. i love you guys so much!!!! i am praying for pierce and you and nik. i cant even imagine how it is to not be able to sit with him. :( i will be praying extra for your healing lindsay.