prayers for friends

Please pray for a sweet family who is holding their dear baby in their arms as we speak. They have been told there is nothing more that the doctors can do. I wish I didn't know how they felt, but after going through a similar experience, my heart melts for them. I know the feelings of anguish, grief and pain. Please, please pray for this family and their sweet little girl. Pray for miraculous healing for their daughter. And for Christ to wrap His arms around this entire family.

As for us, we are still just waiting for the surgeon to finish up with his first case before they can proceed with the surgery. Pierce is hanging tough, and God has granted him a relatively stable day today. Continue praying that God will grant us a supernatural peace as we wait.

Lindsay, Nik and Pierce

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  1. I have been following Baby Pierce's progress and am Blessed by your faith.
    Just a note to that other family who may loose their family, Just let them know about NILMDTS. Now I lay Me Down to Sleep, is an organization of professional photographers who volunteer to give families heirloom photos of their babies, that pass away. They are nationwide. Look them up online and share with the family, if they need that. I just recently joined here in Orlando. Its a tangible way for families to have a memory of their precious baby. Keep posting and we will keep praying for baby Pierce!