post-op report

Just got in from saying goodnight to Pierce. He is still heavily sedated, which eases our mind that he is not in any discomfort. His vitals are perfect and he has tolerated going back on the conventional ventilator (he was placed on the oscillator as a precautionary measure, but had trouble with his blood pressure-a normal negative reaction to the machine- so they placed him back on the conventional vent). Overall, he's had a quiet night so far and we are hoping that as he comes off the sedation, he will continue to have an easy recovery.

Tomorrow he will have another big day as the surgeon will come back to remove his chest tube and another surgeon will come to place a CVL line (they weren't able to place one today during his PDA surgery). Please pray that tomorrow goes smoothly as it will be yet another big day for Pierce. Pray that God grants him rest through all of these procedures and that his tiny body recovers faster and better than expected.

Also, many of you have asked, and I'm sorry we haven't said earlier, but thank you for the prayers for me (Lindsay) and my recovery. The Lord has been gracious and I have healed great. I feel much better and there are no signs of infection. Thank you for praying for my health and recovery. It's a good feeling to be more mobile and feel like I can do more.

We are off to bed now and praying for a smooth day tomorrow.

Lindsay, Nik and Pierce

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