night visit

Tonight I (Lindsay) was able to go celebrate Pierce's birthday 3rd week birthday with a few close friends while Nik went out with some of the guys. Pierce seemed to be doing a little better. Still dealing with immature lungs, or as they refer to them in the NICU, "crappy white boy lungs," but overall, he's doing well. Because he was relatively stable, his nurse felt he could get a new home (isolette). When you can't get a bath, it's always good to change your sheets (blankies) and bed (isolette). I can't even begin to tell you how complicated this process is. Our guy requires lots of tubes, attachments and accessories, so moving him is no simple task. Nonetheless, his nurse Gail handled it with ease. The best part of all, was that I got to hold Pierce in my arms for about 2 minutes while we made the switch!!! This was so, so rewarding and I treasured every second of it. My friend was able to snap a few photos, but they were on the old school disposable camera that we leave at his bedside. I'll try to get them developed, if I remember how (ha!) and scan them to post.

Continue to pray for continued healing with his immature lungs and that we will see him take great strides this week. His feedings are still going well and the staff will just monitor his bowels closely to watch for any infections.



  1. Wonderful news Lindsay! Not sure if you saw my other post, but I have been following your sweet family closely since Day 1. It's amazing to see how far and wide that Pierce's story is reaching...I saw today that MY second grade teacher is even praying for you guys. I just recently reconnected with her (she was my most favorite teacher of all!!) and she told me she had been following Pierce's progress. Please know that you guys are in my thoughts and prayers constantly! Blessings to you my sweet Lindsay...I'm honored to be a part of this miracle! :)

  2. i am glad you got to hold little pierce for a few minutes!!! :) I will be praying for his lungs! and for him to continue to heal and grow stronger and stronger!! :)
    Love you guys!!!

  3. I am still following the journey of Pierce from Dallas, GA. I am Happy to hear he is 3 weeks old. When you have such a small and fragile baby every hour, day and week is one more blessing to have! Every ounce gained is progress! Our boy was also 1 lb. 9 oz. born at 24 or 25 weeks. I know exactly how you feel. Keep talking to God and praying and keep your faith. Both of you and Pierce inspire me just hearing of the strong Faith you have and trust in God. My son spent 5 months in the NICU and came home on oxygen, a pulse ox monitor and an apnea monitor. So we know all about desats and brady's. It's just a part of prematurity and a chapter in their lives. Today my son is a healthy 2 year old despite all the complications in the NICU and risk from a grade 3 IVH. My son was on the vent for 56 days total (not consecutive) and no longer needs oxygen! They just need time. I will keep praying for Pierce and you both. Praying also for healthy intestines/bowl. So happy he tolerating feeds so far.

    God Bless you all

  4. i had to laugh at "crappy white boy lungs" because when one of my grandsons was born 3 weeks early with an infection, he had a hard time breathing and was in the NIC unit. The nurses called it "whimpy white boy syndrome" and i thought that was strange! But i guess it's true!

    praying for sweet Pierce daily!