Pierce is getting sick, possible bowel infection

We were handed the brain issue earlier today and now it appears that Pierce has an infection and it could possibly be a bowel infection. They are running test now and starting to give him antibiotics. Due to sudden onset of infection, they were not able to do a spinal tap today to try and draw fluid off Pierce's brain. Please pray that this infection will pass fast and that it is not a bowel infection. Bowel infections can be very, very dangerous for a baby Pierce's size. We ask you to lift Pierce up to Father and ask for healing and a quick recovery. Pray that the medical staff will be able to draw fluid off his brain as well. We thought this Saturday was looking more promising than the others, but it appears that it probably will be just as bad. We are asking the Lord to be near.


Nik, Lindsay, and Pierce

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  1. Lynn and I just got finished praying together for you and Pierce!