prayers needed

We just got back from the hospital. Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit with Pierce as another baby was undergoing surgery in the NICU (they shut the NICU down whenever there is a surgery). We did however, learn that Pierce's latest brain scan shows significant growth in his ventricles, which means that fluid is indeed building up. This is very disheartening as the last scan indicated that there was no swelling. The Dr's are a little perplexed as to why it took Pierce's brain so long to swell (typically the swelling occurs almost immediately). While we knew this was a potential risk, we didn't expect such a significant growth in such a short time, especially after such positive results last week. Please pray for us as we deal with this news. The plan for treatment will be to perform a series of spinal taps to hopefully draw off some of the spinal fluid and relieve some of the pressure in the brain. If this fails, the next step will be to call in the pediatric neurosurgeon and begin discussing placement of a temporary shunt (Pierce is too small for a full VP shunt). As you can imagine, this is all very scary for us. Please, please pray that God works and heals our son. Pray as the nurse practitioner, Tony does the spinal tap today. Our prayer is that Tony will be able to drain off a significant amount of spinal fluid to buy us some time before a shunt will need to be placed (that would allow for Pierce to grow stronger and bigger before undergoing another surgery). Pray also that Pierce tolerates the procedure well. Many of the preemies do not tolerate the positioning (curled up in a side-laying position)for this procedure, so our hope is that Pierce will. We will update you soon after we know the results of the spinal tap, which should be later on today.

Much love,
Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. Praying for baby Pierce from Seattle.

  2. Praying, praying, praying...
    Susan McInville

  3. I am continuing to pray for your sweet family.

    With all my love, Keisha

  4. We will be praying for Pierce and his doctors and nurses as they perform these procedures. Our son Carson had several "taps" while he was in the NICU and then had a VP shunt put in at 4 months. You would never know he has it, it has not slowed him down at all! We will be thinking of you all!

  5. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and my husband and i know some of what you are going through. Our preemie had a VP shunt placed when he was approximately 3.7#. He has done exceptionally well with this shunt and has only needed one revision, about 8 months after it was placed. That was just over two years ago. Your faith in God will see you through this time in your lives and know there are many many people across the US who are praying for you.

  6. Nik, Lindsay, and Pierce,

    Just by watching and reading the little life of Pierc so far, I cant even begin to imagine the rollercoaster you are all on. Just know that very soon this will be an all distant memory and everything will turn out for the better! I will pray for healing for baby Pierce, as I know through his little life solely that God is in control!!! God bless you guys!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY LINDSAY! May God bless your little family and all that you are!

    Jessica and Victor Garces-Maldonado

    Gwen, Jennifer, and Bryson Rogers

  7. God has everthing in control..everything has a purpose and he is a miracle! My son got tapped frequently & still needed a vp shunt now he has done much better ..of course it's not easy he has also been through ALOT of surgeries!God is saving him and your child..Be strong Ask God for strength..he will be good one day..I have so much faith I can feel God's spirit! HE IS AWESOME ...OUR BABIES ARE A BLESSING AND R MIRACLES..GOD BLESS US ALL ..ONE DAY I WILL BE HAPPY TO SHOW WHAT AN AMAZING SON I HAVE AND WILL TURN OUT TO BE ...A miracle!!:)