saturday morning

Pierce has had a quiet few days in the NICU so there's not much to report on (yeah!). He seems to be tolerating the fortifier thus far. One way the staff can tell if a baby is tolerating feeds is whether or not they give any of it back (or if any is leftover in the tube). Apparently, most preemies give a lot back thus requiring the staff to stop/start feeds on/off until the baby adjusts. Well we've been told our little guy seems to really enjoy his feeds because he hardly ever gives any of it back. And it's looking as if he may continue that pattern even with the addition of fortifier. For that we are grateful.

Please continue to pray that feedings will go well and that we will have no NEC scares. Also pray that his lungs would continue to heal and grow and that he would be able to be off the ventilator soon. He is currently chugging along on the setting that allows him to do most of the work on his own. Of course every now and then he forgets to breathe, but we think he's probably just distracted by daydreaming about the day he gets to eat real food, who he wants to be when he grows up, and other important things in life. Regardless of what he's dreaming about, we hope that he will come to understand the importance of breathing on his own real soon. We are so, so ready for that tube to be out!

Be sure to follow us on twitter as we will try to update that more often since it's easy to access from our phones in the hospital.

Much love,
Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. I am glad he is liking his food!! :) YAY!! :)

  2. I am praying for your little guy. I think about him often during the day and hope that he is getting better every minute. My little boy was born at 30 weeks and he unfortunately had NEC twice. He recovered with no lasting effects, but it was so scary. He is now 3 and healthy. I will keep praying for your son and both of you.