Big things planned for today...

Pierce is doing well. So well, in fact, that Dr.Herman feels it's time to pull the breathing tube and see how our lil' man flies. We are so excited because the staff today reiterated what we've been thinking when they said they feel like Pierce is just hanging out with a tube he probably doesn't need anymore. Please be praying as they attempt a controlled extabation at some point today.

Last night, Pierce's doctor got rid of/changed a few things. I think this doctor is a little like me in terms of wanting to see some immediate progress (do I need to mention how grateful I was for him?!). Therefore, Pierce's PCVC line, his TPN (IV-nutrition that he no longer needs), and his antibiotics were all taken away. Pierce will solely be feed by breastmilk+fortifier now. It may seem silly, but it makes me so giddy to think that he is starting to only require the things a healthy baby would.It also gives me encouragement that we are making some progress.

Also be praying as they're going to attempt to place an IV in order to give blood (P's hemoglobin has been inching down-a normal preemie thing- and they want to catch it before it becomes an issue). We are really hoping and praying that they can get an IV easily and that he will be able to get his blood today so that he won't become symptomatic (in the past this has set him back).

So needless to say, today is a big day for Pierce. Be praying that he shows us what he can do when he's given the chance and that God grants our little boy the strength/endurance to breathe on his own!

Thank you again for your prayers. We will update later and let you know how things go.

Much love,
Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. I remember when my little one was taken off TPN and despite everything else going on, it was one of my happiest moments. You're very right thinking that's a huge step towards normalcy!

  2. we will be praying!!!! so exciting!!

  3. Wonderful "preemie" steps in the right direction!

  4. I'll be praying he does well with extubation. Both of our twins had to be re-intubated on their first extubation attempt. I only tell you that because it only took a few more days before they got rid of the breathing tube for good. Who knew breathing is such hard work? Prayers going your way.

  5. Great things for a great Sunday!

  6. Yay Pierce! What an answer to prayer. Hope it all goes well!