saturday update

It appears that your prayers are working and Pierce seems to be feeling much better this morning. He started peeing again overnight (yeah!), which helps to balance out his electrolytes. Also, the hope is that the antibiotics have kicked in and are knocking out any infection in P's body. He has had a relatively quiet night/morning so far which is much better than we were bracing for. Please continue to pray as he will still not be allowed to feed (they are still monitoring his bowels closely). Also pray for healing in his brain. Because he has had such a rough go with this infection, they feel it best to leave him alone today and not perform the spinal tap to drain off the excess fluid. We are praying that God supernaturally heals Pierce's brain and that no further surgeries will be required.

We are headed up to see little man in just a bit and will update you guys later. Here's to praying for a good Saturday!

Much love,
Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. O' Saturday, are you my friend again? Love, Nana

  2. We are praying for you guys up here at Windy Gap

  3. Praying for Baby Pierce in Dallas and expecting a Mother's Day miracle!

  4. I am glade he had a good day!! I want to wish you the very best MOTHER'S DAY. You have be the best mom Pierce could ever want. I am so proud of you. You and Nik are in our prayers.

    Love Dian, Hallie and Marty