8 week report

Pierce is 8 weeks old today! Hard to believe. At times it feels like this journey has lasted forever, other times it feels like it's just begun. We have had so many ups and downs throughout our NICU stay, but we feel so fortunate to have our little guy with us.

Today I was reminded of the confusing mix of emotions that exists in the NICU world. When I rounded the corner today, I immediately burst into tears because Pierce's neighbor of one month was no longer there. I knew what that meant. Immediately my heart sank and pain rushed in. I knew that our friends had lost their child. My heart has not left that heavy place since learning the news early this morning. And while Pierce was having a great day (so good in fact, they weaned him down to 4 liters at 21% o2) still I found it hard to celebrate.I find it nearly impossible to just stay in the moment. I find my mind wandering. Death is never far off in the NICU and sometimes I just have to disconnect because I simply can't bear to live with that cold, harsh reality. But I am learning to trust God even when everything seems so dark and scary. Today I am trusting that God is going to protect Pierce. I am praying with all my might that Pierce will grow into a strong man one day and that he will continually be able to proclaim the Gospel to those around him. Will you join me in praying this?

On a lighter note, I was able to hold little man for quite a while today. Pierce has 2 new found loves: his pacifier and the ability to be swaddled. Give the boy both of these things at once, and you have one happy baby!

Here we are with Lindsay, Pierce's primary nurse (she's nothing short of amazing!).

What we did this afternoon

Will post later tonight- Pierce is getting a real tub bath! Pictures will follow soon.



  1. The loss of a baby is so hard but after we lost Shelby I found so much comfort in Pierces blog. I read it everyday and pray for you guys so much. I wanted to talk to ya'll the last day we were in the NICU, but Shelby was passing when I saw you come in. Im SO SO proud of Pierce!! We'll keep praying, reading, and bragging on the trooper. Your blog helps me so much!!

  2. The NICU gave me such a greater depth of perspective on life. For that, I am so grateful. I will never, ever take for granted the things I once did.

    Pierce is such an inspiration to many. I'll be joining you in your prayer that P will continue to grow in health and strength.

  3. he is looking like the size a full term baby! yay. grow, pierce, grow!