the start of a new week

Pierce is doing so well! We have been so, so thankful that this past week was so quiet and uneventful. Well, now that I think back, it was rather eventful- coming off the vent, off the CPAP and staying on the cannula- but at least the events were all GOOD! He now weighs 2lbs 10 oz and is 54 days old. He's growing up so fast! In fact, he's such a big boy, they increased his feeds from 21mL's to 24mL's every 3 hrs. He's still on the nasal cannula, on 21% o2 and 6 liters. They're hoping to start weaning the liters tomorrow since little man has been tolerating the cannula so well. The only issue right now is that Pierce's heart rate has been elevated for the past few days. The drs. are thinking that this is probably just a result of the steroids he's on for lung development. Fortunately they're weaning the steroids this week so that should help his heart rate to go down.

Last night, Pierce took his first bath. Well it was more like a glorified wipe down, but we'll call it a bath. Unfortunately we didn't get any good shots because Pierce was mad.

And here is a quick video we shot tonight. The picture/sound quality isn't the best (thanks iphone!), but if you turn your volume all the way up, you can hear P crying. He can get a LOT louder, but he looked pretty peaceful tonight so this was all I could catch.

Here is how you can be praying for us tonight:
1. Pray that Pierce will continue to do well and that each day he will grow stronger and stronger.
2. Pray as Nik is headed to Atlanta tomorrow morning for a 5-day intensive seminary class at the RTS-Atlanta campus. Pray that Pierce has a good week with no major issues so that Nik can complete this class and be one step closer to graduation.
3. Pray for continued endurance and strength as we walk through this long journey (some days I swear it feels like it will never end!)
4. Pray that Pierce will tolerate the changes that are coming this week (wean in steroids, wean in o2 liters, and an increase in calories-more formula)
5. And pray for God's guidance as we figure out finances, work, etc. and where to go from here.

Thank you all for walking this journey with us.



  1. AAWWWW I love the pics and videos!!! :) and he is getting bigger! yay... he is so cute!!! we will continue praying for him and you and nik!!

  2. Praise the Lord for the blessings you both have experience in and through the life of baby Pierce! I am continuing to pray for you all, that the Lord would continue to strengthen and keep you and fill up Pierce with His strength and peace.
    I am 7 months pregnant with my first baby--a boy--so I feel more connected to ya'lls story! Love, in Christ, Amy

  3. gosh..he looks GREAT! beware cause i bet he starts pulling the canulla out! that's the next step...ryan hated his! he also managed to get that feeding tube out once or twice! drove me crazy! i can't wait to you get to give him his first bottle! so much fun! and it's just a matter of time, promise! hang in there - again i am just a phone call away. on this day 2 years ago we were coming home from that fabulous NICU! You'll be here soon! promise!

  4. That had to be the sweetest sound in the world! Love you Lynn

  5. Hi Lindsay & Nik. We heard about your journey with Pierce from 2 different friends now, and I have been wanting to reach out to you. My name is Anya Ward and my husband, Don, & I walked in your shoes almost exactly 1 year ago. Our sweet, little Elise Grace was born 4/5/2010 at 25 weeks & 4 days; 1 lb 11 oz. She is our 3rd child, and her premature birth was also completely unexpected and very emergent. We were also at Levine (I'm sure many of the nurses will remember her; Marsha & Tammy were our primaries on days). So much of what you have shared is very familiar. It is so comforting to read about your beautiful relationship with the Lord & your strong faith. You can only walk this difficult journey with the love and support from friends, family and our amazing God. I remember it seemed like we would get through one concern and then there was another one...it did seem like it would never end some days. I encourage you to just take it one day at a time & one issue at a time. You will get through it and you will go home. Elise's existence was purely by the grace of God; she did not have a heartbeat at birth & had to be resuscitated. From the very beginning, God has clearly been in control and somehow it makes me worry less; it's strange, but a freeing feeling. Elise has been through so much more than my other children ever will. I think it's because I have continuously been forced to turn her life over to the Lord and trust Him with the circumstances she faced. It's an important reminder for me that He holds all of our lives in His hands. It's amazing to me that Elise is already 1 year old &18 lbs! Our journey with Elise continues and we know God has a plan for her. We just fully trust in His plan for Elise, just as you are trusting in His plan for Pierce. Even now, His plan is at work. There is no doubt Pierce's story is already blessing so many lives. Every child is a miracle, but these little fighters are truly miracles in action. To be able to watch the Lord complete His work of knitting your child from the womb. It's incredible! Please know we will be praying for Pierce and praying for you. The amazing Dr Engstrom gave us very good advice when we were there & that was to not feel guilty about taking a day for ourselves sometimes. You do need that break & it is ok. Pierce is in the best care. We also have 2 other children, so having a day to do family or couple things to rejuvenate yourself is critical to getting through this time and being a healthy happy Mom & Dad for Pierce. I would be happy to talk to you & share anything that may be helpful (including what is good in the cafeteria - ha!) It seems Pierce is making some great progress! May you feel God's mighty strength carry you and His thoughts guide you. I hope we will be able to meet one day. Perhaps Elise & Pierce will meet too! : ) My email is: dbank2@aol.com

  6. Fantastic news. I pray for continued great progress.