Day: 108
Weight: 7lbs 2oz

I haven't updated in quite a few days because quite honestly, there hasn't been much to update. *Insert yawn* We've had a string of uneventful, boring days. We love those. However, this whole waiting game is getting old. Basically, all we have left is to get Pierce to take all 8 of his bottles. Most days he takes about 4.

I know this shouldn't be discouraging, considering that Pierce could have far worse problems (and has had them in the past), but I think its almost a harder hurdle to get over because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's like we have NICU senioritis- we are ready to be out of that place!

I try to remind myself that we are still ahead of schedule. Remember, Pierce wasn't even supposed to be born until Aug.4th.

We are so thankful that this weeks brain scan showed stable ventricles and the follow-up eye exam was great! What a blessing both of those things were.

Since we haven't had much going on this week, I've found myself reflecting on what it is that God is doing in my heart. I've bounced around ideas- maybe he's teaching me patience? Or perhaps endurance? The ability to trust in Him in all things? But I think I've got it. Contentment. Whenever I start getting anxious or impatient, I sense God reminding me to be content. Content in my circumstances. Content with the drive to/from the hospital. Content with leaving my baby with strangers. Content with trusting God in all things, including the minor things like bottle feeding.

And so today, I'm learning that lesson. And I hope that you too, will also find that when we are content in our circumstances, God can and will do amazing things in and through us.

Christ is All,


  1. I needed this today. Thank you. Pierce is such a little champ!!! :)

    With love from down the road in Kannapolis -

  2. Contentment. Perhaps that is what I should be learning from this present circumstance of mine. Excellent news that Pierce has conquered so many hurdles. I hope he surprises you soon with a big day of all eight bottles.

  3. As always, praying for all of those things for your sweet family....patience, endurance, strength, and contentment. Here in a year youre going to realize that you gained more than those traits....you will have gained a healthy little boy!! You guys are my heroes.. Go Pierce go!!!

  4. I am so proud of you, and Pierce! NICU days are so trying and tiring...and you've endured so many more than we had. I love reading your attitude, honesty, and commitment to sharing your faith. Keep it up sweetie! You'll have that precious baby home, and all to yourself soon! I'm continuing to pray daily.

  5. Lindsay (and Nik),

    Surely God is doing work in you both, but I'd also encourage you that God is doing wondrous things through and outside of you both... as God is glorified through your and Pierce's story being shared widely. Your blogging and letting people in to this process is a witness to God's grace and power.

    Thank you for your transparency and witness!

    In God's grace,

    Robert Austell

  6. yay Pierce for uneventful days. Now hurry up and drink those bottles!

  7. Such great news, you've got a real "fighter" on your hands, will be fun to watch what God does with him over the coming years.