Pierce's 100 (+1) day celebration

So I'm a day (or two because it is now after 12 am)late in posting this, but nevertheless, we celebrated Pierce's 100th day of life last night.

I tried to get a good picture of the little guy to record this special occasion, but he simply was not having it. Here was my first attempt:

And on my second attempt, he appears to be celebrating with me. (In reality, he was just flailing around and screaming because Mommy was taking pictures instead of giving him his bottle).

Pierce is doing so well. He has had quite a few quiet days since his ROP surgery, and for that, we are so thankful! Dr.Keuser decided to allow the nurses to offer a bottle at every feeding. We are so excited because once little guy is taking 8 bottles a day consistently, they'll pull out his NG (feeding) tube. As of now, he's up to about 5 bottles a day. Bottle feeding a preemie is TOTALLY different than bottle feeding a full-term newborn. It takes so much patience, time and patience. Did I mention it takes patience? Oh yes, and nerves of steel... every time Pierce starts working on his bottles, I immediately become glued to his monitors. At some point in almost every feeding (although he's getting better at this), his heart rate spaces out, slows down and "takes a pause," which causes P to turn blue and Mommy then panics. So I've decided for now to let the nurses do most of the bottle feeding. It'll be so nice when Pierce can become a pro at the whole "suck/swallow/breathe" reflex.

On his 101th day of life (tonight), Pierce weighed in at ... drum roll please... 6lbs 8oz! Can you believe that?! 6 1/2 lbs! He used to be 1 1/2. It's funny how big a 6 1/2 lb baby looks when it's taken you 3 1/2 months to grow them to that size.

As of now we have 2 major hurdles to clear before Pierce can come home with us: bottle feeding and going onto chronic oxygen settings. Really, there's no way to predict when these things will be accomplished. It's totally dependent on Pierce. And as we know, our guy has a mind of his own. So we are kind of a "hurry up and wait" mode. Nevertheless, we are thankful that this weeks hurdles are smaller than the previous weeks.

These past few days, I've been trying to take time to reflect on the goodness of God and on how far he's brought us. I know that He has used this experience to change both Nik and I. And I know that He is going to bring Pierce home with us soon. What a day that will be!

Much love,


  1. I cannot wait for that day! So excited for you all... it's right around the corner!

  2. What do you mean, you didn't get good pictures?! He looks very hearty & healthy and screaming just as a hungry baby should. It makes me happy to see him so vigorously alive! We rejoice with you at how well he is doing.

  3. OH LINDSAY!!! He is absolutely adorable!!! It is crazy how much he has grown!!! I mean he is now the size of a newborn! God sure is amazing!! It is very awesome that he is taking more bottles... he will get it!! :) <3 I love you guys and constantly praying for his healing and healthy and your peace of mind! :) Lots of love from all of us!!! Verno is ready to play with his best friend! ;)

  4. Hooray Pierce! I am bursting with pride over you and praise God for carrying you (and Mom and Dad) and His strong and mighty arms. XOXO

  5. All such good news. You continue in my prayers and you'll have your adorable baby home with you shortly it looks like.

  6. Lindsay, this makes my heart smile. You are an incredible mother, and this precious baby is a miracle.

  7. wow, i like this miracle baby, thanks to share it.

  8. So chubby and cute! Adorable! Can't get over it. Praying for you guys!

  9. I have been following your blog for some time. My husband and I were pregnant with identical twin boys and had complications our whole pregnancy. I started having contractions at 20 weeks, ended up in the hospital on bedrest at 22 weeks and delivered our boys at 25 weeks. We lost one of our twins, Carter, shortly after he was born and our other baby, Cohen is in the NICU. I started reading your blog before the boys were born and continue to read it now. It helps to know there are other people who know the ups and downs of the NICU and how things are changing from one minute to the next. It has also been encouraging for me to see how far Pierce has come! What a fighter! I was reading some of your older blogs and it sounds like our boys have been through a lot of similar things. Glad to see he is getting closer to going home and thanks for sharing your story. It has been an encouragement to me!