day 142...

Wake up. Change diaper. Calm screaming baby. Make bottle. Feed hungry baby. Burp baby. Change baby's clothes. Unplug monitors and spend the next 20 minutes trying to untangled the wires. Plug monitors back in. Get out and connect missle...no wait, that's just the portable oxygen tank. Turn it on. Try to coordinate carrying baby downstairs plus 2 monitors and 1 oxygen tank. Put baby in carseat. Carefully carry the baby plus carseat, 2 monitors and oxygen tank out to the car. Don't forget the keys. Oh yes, and the diaper bag. Wait, I need a blanket to cover his carseat to keep out the germs. Put baby in car. Untangle lead wires again. Place monitors in the front seat so I can see them while driving. All set?

I thought you might get a kick out of hearing what our routine consists of these days. I might add that I now have absolutely NO sympathy whatsoever for those who complain about getting a healthy newborn (with no equipment) out of the house. When I was a nanny, I used to think getting two kids (1 baby + 1 toddler)was difficult. Now, I think I could load the whole Duggar family in the car in less time that it takes to load P in. Sheesh.

I don't want to come off as complaining. I'm really not. This is just my lame attempt to explain why I've gone over a week without updating you all.

So here goes...
P is 142 days old now. That's 20 weeks, 2 days to be exact. (I was informed of this at the eye dr today)
He weighs 10 lbs 4.5 oz! (I really think he missed the memo that micropreemies are supposed to be small for their age)

So far, he is doing fantastic. He is on a really nice routine, and for the past 5 days, he has gone 6 hours at night without waking. Pretty incredible if I do say so myself. The zantac is working wonders with his reflux. In fact, he really doesn't have it much anymore. At least not for right now. Pierce's eye's are healing wonderfully since surgery and the doctor moved us to every other week for appointments (we were going weekly). We go next week to have his hearing retested and also to see the pulmonologist to discuss weaning Pierce off oxygen. Then, the following week, we go for another brain scan and to see the neurosurgeon. We will also have another eye exam that week.

How you can pray:

-Pray that Pierce's ventricles are decreasing in size and that Pierce will not require a shunt.
-Pray that Pierce would pass his follow-up hearing test and that no further testing would be needed.
-Pray that Pierce's reflux will continue to be managed by the Zantac
-Pray that he would continue to grow and thrive and for continued protection against infection.

Pierce had a visit from Papa
Waving "Hi" to all his followers
Mad because Mom is taking pictures and not feeding me


Thank you all for your prayers and support. I promise to try and be better about posting updates! Also, stay tuned for more details about the upcoming Golf Tournament. Tomorrow we will be posting the flier along with all the details for those who are interested. Thanks!


  1. ooh Vern LOVES golf! :) You seriously make me LOL about loading the duggar family in less time! so funny! but i can only imagine what it takes to get him ready and you ready and you both out the door... my baby and toddler is a HANDFUL... but i won't complain... i will sympathize for you because WHEW youre super mom!!! Pierce is so cute... and getting SO big!! I think isabella weighed about the same as he does when she was his age! ;) Keep up the great work!! much Love and prayers to you and nik and pierce!!!

  2. don't apologize for not getting posts up! You are a busy momma with a little! The updates will come when they come. Love that he's doing so great!!

  3. I can sympathize. When my 24 week twins were released we had oxygen for one and ng tubes for both. Loading them, their equipment, and their 3 year old sister took forever! That's funny about the duggar family but they also have a former micro-preemie on supplemental oxygen, but at least they have a lot of help from the older ones. Pierce is getting so big!

  4. SO glad that Pierce is doing so well! Way to go on gaining weight, my micro-preemie never got that memo. He's 4 and weighs 29lbs. P looks fantastic, what an amazing miracle!! Watch out, we just registered our tiny miracle for PreK, it goes way too fast. I know that some days all you feel like you're doing is going to doctor appointments and follow-up appointments but those will start to spread out. Keep up the good work!

  5. glad to hear Pierce is well and is getting to be a big boy and the reflux is getting better! The Duggar family ha thats funny :) I cant imagine all that gear! YOure doing good though momma!! Still praying and believing :)

  6. Ok Pierce is doing just AWESOME! I am so impressed by his weight gain and by how healthy he looks. Seriously. You guys are doing a wonderful job dealing with all the stress. I am praying that P stays super healthy these next few months. What a cutie!!

  7. I am hysterically laughing about loading the car... Thankfully, five years later, God lets you forget most of it.

  8. Nik and Fam

    I heard about the baby last time i was home he is a true miracle. Not matter the struggles and things you have to fight through you got a true lil angel in your presence every day!!! God Bless the Frank family..

    Daniel Dwyer